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Misleading Mislead
by Alan Rorrison


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★★

MP4 (video) | by download [114 MByte]  
Misleading Mislead by Alan Rorrison

The best pen-through-bill routine you will find!

(If you are interested only in the first penetration phase you can also buy it separately with Real Pen-Etration for much less. You might also want to check out the same effect achieved with different sleights: Driven by Cameron Francis.)

In late 2003 / early 2004 Misleading Mislead stormed into the magic community and quickly gained its self-critical acclaim. However, the full routine had been trimmed down from a two-phase routine to a one-phase trick by the company who produced it. Alan was very unhappy about this as all the hard work and tested moves that took the routine from a simple trick and forced it to a moment of astonishment had been stripped out.

Now Alan has the opportunity to give you the full routine along with all the psychological tips that make this routine one that you will fall back to time and time again. So what do you get now that you did not before?

  • The full Misleading Mislead routine as Alan Performs it today
  • Bonus ideas, one of which lets the spectator stab the pen through.
  • The "Flip" move (I'll say not more as you will see the greatness of this)
  • The best 100% impromptu version of this trick around
  • Outs just in case the situation is not perfect for the effect
  • The bill and pen are un-harmed. Nothing added or taken away
Along with the Misleading Mislead routine you will also get a Card through bill for when no one has a pen handy and the stunning ring though bill that adds a complete emotional hook to the effect along with leaving all items in their hands.

All the effects In this download are 100% impromptu and do not harm any of the items used. It is perfect for the "Hey show me a trick magic man" demand when your out with nothing magic on you.

Simple, direct magic at its best.

What do the Elite say about this effect?

"This is the greatest ungimmicked pen through bill I have ever seen!" - Magico563 The magic cafe - Pro Magician

"Although Timothy Wenk's Mislead is a great illusion that sparked a lot of this when David Copperfield showed it I would honestly have to go for Alan's routine." - Ben Williams - Pro Magician, Creator

"I love this. Excellent job, Alan. This is a fantastic routine! The added convincers are worth the price alone." - Cameron Francis - Pro Magician, Creator, Actor

"Worth more than what Alan is charging. One of the best, if not the best of pencil through bill method." - TrickyRicky - Pro Magician

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