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Tricks and Diversions with Cards
by Professor Miller


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Tricks and Diversions with Cards by Professor Miller

Interesting here are not only the many card tricks described but also a section on crooked gambling at the very end.

[Note that pages 11-14 are missing in our original from which this digital edition has been prepared.]

  • Instructions For Amateurs
  • How To Make The Pass
  • Forcing A Card
  • The "Long Card"
  • The Divining Card
  • Deceptive Shuffles
  • To Smuggle A Card
  • To Slip A Card
  • To Carry Away A Card
  • To Place A Card
  • The Ten Duplicate Cards—To Reveal A Person’s Thoughts
  • The Changeable Ace
  • The Convertible Aces
  • The Metamorphosed Cards
  • The Gathering Of The Clans
  • To Tell The Number Of Cards By The Weight
  • To Make A Card Pass From One Hand Into The Other
  • The Card Hit Upon By Guess
  • Ups And Downs
  • To Tell The Card That A Person Has Touched With His Finger
  • To Discover Any Card In The Pack By Its Weight Or Smell
  • The Four Accomplices
  • The Turn-Over Feat
  • The Nerve Feat
  • The Card In A Mirror
  • The Card In The Opera-Glass
  • The Magic Tea-Caddies
  • Guessing A Card Thought Of
  • To Tell A Card By Smelling It
  • To Change A Card Locked Up In A Box
  • The Knaves And The Constable
  • To Guess The Spots On Cards At The Bottom Of Three Packets, Which Have Been Made By The Drawer
  • The Royal Emigrants
  • The Magic Opera Glass
  • To Separate The Two Colors Of A Pack Of Cards By One Cut
  • The Card Discovered Under The Handkerchief
  • The Card Under The Hat
  • At The Game Of Whist, What Probability That The Four Honors Will Be In The Hands Of Any Two Partners
  • Sixteen Cards Being Disposed In Two Rows, To Tell The Card Which A Person Has Thought Of
  • To Tell How Many Cards A Person Takes Out Of A Pack, And To Specify Each Card
  • To Guess The Number Of Spots On Any Card, Which A Person Has Drawn From A Pack
  • To Change A Pack Of Cards Into Various Pictures
  • To Let Twenty Persons Draw Twenty Cards, And Make Each Draw The Same
  • To Make A Card Jump Out Of The Pack And Run On The Table
  • To Tell All The Cards Without Seeing Them
  • To Tell A Card Thought Of, And Name Its Position In The Pack
  • To Change The Card By Word Of Command
  • "Twin-Card" Trick
  • Ten Cards Being Arranged In A Circle, To Tell That Which Any One Thought Of
  • To Produce A Card From A Nut Or Cherry Stone
  • To Burn A Card, And Afterwards Find It In A Watch
  • The Card In The Egg
  • The Card In The Pocket-Book
  • To Pick Out A Card Thought Of, Blindfold
  • The Card Found Out By The Point Of A Sword
  • To Name The Card Upon Which One Or More Persons Fix
  • The Vanishing Card
  • To Produce A Mouse From A Pack Of Cards
  • To Send A Card Through A Table
  • To Change Four Knaves Or Kings Held In Your Hand Into Blank Cards Or Into Four Aces
  • The Locomotive Card
  • The Prestidigitorial Metamorphosis
  • The Queens’ Dig For Diamonds
  • To Make A Card Which A Person Has Drawn Dance On The Wall
  • To Make A Card Spring Up Into The Air From The Pack, Without Being Touched
  • The Card In The Ring
  • To Name The Rank Of A Card That A Person Has Drawn From A Piquet Pack
  • To Tell The Card That May Be Noted
  • To Tell The Amount Of The Numbers Of Any Two Cards Drawn From A Common Pack
  • To Tell The Names Of All The Cards By Their Weights
  • Mysterious Disappearance Of The Knave Of Spades
  • To Make The Court Cards Always Come Together
  • To Turn A Card Into A Bird
  • The Card Of One Color Found In A Pack Of The Other
  • To Name Several Cards Which Have Been Drawn Out Of A Pack Which Has Been Divided Into Two Heaps
  • To Find A Certain Card After It Has Been Shuffled In The Pack
  • Of Twenty-Five Cards Laid In Five Rows Upon A Table, To Name The One Touched
  • The Four Inseparable Kings
  • To Name Several Cards Which Two Persons Have Drawn From A Pack
  • Of Two Rows Of Cards, To Tell The One Which Has Been Touched
  • To Hold Four Kings Or Four Knaves In Your Hand, And To Change Them Suddenly Into Blank Cards, Then Into Four Aces
  • To Shuffle The Cards In Such A Manner As Always To Keep One Certain Card At The Bottom
  • The Transmuted Cards
  • The Circle Of Fourteen Cards
  • The Shifting Card
  • The Magic Slide, Or To Make A Card Disappear In An Instant
  • The Four Transformed Kings
  • To Guess The Cards Which Four Persons Have Fixed Their Thoughts Upon
  • The Chosen Card Revealed By A Pinch Of Snuff
  • How To Arrange The Twelve Picture Cards And The Four Aces Of A Pack In Four Rows, So That There Will Be In Neither Row Two Cards Of The Same Value Nor Two Of The Same Suite. Whether Counted Horizontally Or Perpendicularly
  • The Art Of Fortune Telling By Cards
  • The Magic Twelve
  • The Drawn Card Nailed To The Wall
  • On Entering A Room, To Know Of Three Cards Placed Side By Side Which Have Been Reversed - That Is To Say, Turned Upside Down.
  • To Bring A Card Which Has Been Thrown Out Of The Window Into The Pack Again
  • A New Method To Tell A Card By Its Weight
  • The Window Trick
  • The Numerical Card
  • The Three Magical Parties
  • Several Different Cards Being Fixed On By Different Persons, To Name That On Which Each Person Fixed
  • To Discover The Card Which Is Drawn, By The Throw Of A Die
  • The Card Changing In The Hands
  • To Make Several Persons Draw Cards Which They Will Themselves Replace In The Pack, And To Find Them Again
  • The Buried Heart
  • The Erratic Card
  • The Magical Trio
  • To Find In The Pack. And Through A Handkerchief, Whatever Card A Person Has Drawn
  • To Conjure A Certain Card Into Your Pocket
  • To Produce A Required Card From Your Pocket
  • To Tell Through A Wine-Glass What Cards Have Been Turned
  • To Change Five Kings Into Five Queens
  • The Magic Sevens
  • The Numerical Trick Of Cards
  • The Novel Game Of Tontine
  • To Guess In Which Hand, Holding Counters, Can Be Found The Odd Or Even Number
  • To Produce Numberless Changes With A Given Number Of Cards
  • An Exposure Of The Card Tricks Made Use Of By Professional Card Players, Blacklegs And Gamblers
    • Whist
    • Reflectors
    • The Longs And Shorts
    • Sauter La Coupe
    • Convex And Concave Cards
    • Handling The Cards
    • Garreting
    • Slipping The Cards
    • Walking The Pegs
    • Pricked Cards
    • The Bridge
    • Skinning
    • Shuffling Or Weaving
    • The Gradus, Or Step
    • Slipping The Fives
    • Saddling The Cards
    • Dealing Fives From The Bottom
    • The Telegraph

1st edition 1875, 90 pages; 1st digital edition 2017, PDF 78 pages
word count: 30355 which is equivalent to 121 standard pages of text

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