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Debits, Credits, and other Leftovers
by Jon Racherbaumer


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Debits, Credits, and other Leftovers by Jon Racherbaumer

Polishing and old principle of mooted origin ...

Jon Racherbaumer explores an old but fascinating self-working trick which can be performed with any set of counters, be they cards, sticks, stones, coins, matches, business cards, bottle caps, gummi bears, ...

  • Prelude
  • Introduction
  • My Introduction To The Version With Playing Cards
  • The Quickie Card Trick
  • Beginnings
    • A Novel Card Trick (Howard L. Grant)
    • Toothpick Magic (U. F. Grant)
    • Counting Trick (Rufus Steele)
    • A Matter Of Debit And Credit (John Northern Hilliard)
  • Spin-Offs
    • Balancing Debit And Credit (Ian Baxter)
    • The Trick That Fooled Einstein (Harry Franke)
    • Estimation (Gene Grant)
    • The Worm Turns (Edward Marlo)
    • Picking On Rainman (Michael Weber)
  • Expansions
    • Guesstimation City (Jon Racherbaumer)
    • Climax Estimation (Al Thatcher)
    • Dig It! (Harry Lorayne)
  • Jackpot Coins Versions
  • Postscript
  • Bibliography

1st edition 2016, 50 pages.
word count: 14560 which is equivalent to 58 standard pages of text