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Created: 04/05/2020
Updated: 01/23/2022

Triple Gozinta Boxes

by Chris Wasshuber

Go figure this one out. Three boxes, big, medium, small, stacked inside each other. So far so good. But hey, what is this? The small box is now large enough to hold the medium and big boxes?

This is my rendition of Lubor Fiedler's ingenious Gozinta Boxes (also known as Parabox or Inside-Out box). (The reason I am touching the boxes so gingerly is that they are 20 years old made from now brittle cardboard. Nevertheless, this effect is one of my favorite illusions.)

For those who know how these work please take a look at the small box and note its shallow lid. This should stop you in your tracks and make you gasp, because it is different to the original, and improves the illusion.

The Box Goes-In-Da Box by Peter Prevos You may also like my 3D printed Gozinta Boxes Revisited. This is a two box version where one box has a shallow lid and is transparent.

Peter Prevos in his The Box Goes-In-Da Box discusses the underlying geometrical principles of this effect. If you like to better understand what is going on, and perhaps make your own I can recommend his ebook.


Kai Stupperich (05/23/2020)

Ok it's a few years later now. In Europe there a some dealers who do sell a new Version. Look for "Paul-Harris-Presents-Lubors-Gift-Box" If you want to design your own box, there should be an article from Prevos, Peter: The Box Goes in Da Box: Design Rules for Gozinta Boxes, in: Journal of Magic Research, Nr. 8, Sept 2017, p. 9ff

Michael Lyth (10/18/2016)

I think you have a vision to bring the box up-to modern times and materials and I admire you for you taken on a challenge that although problems at first a day will come and Gozinta boxes will be in use again not lost Lubor Fiedler creative mind gave the magic world a wonderful prop. Card board ones are selling on ebay for £149.50. So The Box Goes-In-Da Box by Peter Prevos was a excellent addition to my library. Marine ply or balsa wood or perspex may be a choice for me. I hope to see your perseverance with this project.

Christoph Wasshuber (02/22/2015)

At this point I have no plans to market this version. Part of the problem is that it is quite difficult to manufacture since tolerances have to be very tight.

Bobby Hughes (02/22/2015)

Any further developments or possibility of being released in any format? Regards, Bobby

John Slonina (04/17/2014)

Great illusion! How about an ebook with instructions that can be purchased. After having just purchased Lubor's gift by Lubor Fiedler, I would have much preferred your effect. Regards, John