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by Nefesch


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Twins by Nefesch

"Nefesch's new book, Twins, is wonderful. It is a great impromptu plot that makes sense and looks like real mentalism. More importantly, Nefesch gives you 13, yes I said 13, ways of doing the effect! You will find your favorites, but you will also have the knowledge on how to fall back on other methods should the need arise. Do yourself a favor. Forget any props this time around and just go after knowledge." - Richard Osterlind December, 2011

"TWINS is a fantastic piece of truly impromptu mentalism which will only be performed by fearless performers. Highly recommended!" - Keith Barry; Mentalist of the Year 2009

The Effect:

You explain to your spectator that you will attempt an experiment with him, in which your minds will be synchronized between each other, and you will tell him that you will prove it.

You ask your spectator to close his eyes while you are standing in front of him, now you ask him to select mentally any of his two hands, this is done inside his mind, and he never tells or writes down his selection, once your spectator has confirmed that he has selected one of his hands you instruct him that on the count of three he must raise up that hand and then he must open his eyes. When he opens his eyes he finds you in the same position than he is (lifting up one hand as a mirror reflection of your spectator), the audience confirms that YOU had raised your hand way long before he did, as if you knew accurately what hand he was going to lift up (which is actually true!).

The same experiment is repeated one second time in the same way as the previous one.

Finally the experiment will be repeated one third time but this time with a twist: You ask your spectator to close his eyes, to select one of his hands, once the spectator has confirmed that he has selected one of his own hands, you ask him to open his eyes, now he is standing in front of you with both his hands resting down, so are you, you now tell him that you will count to three and then both: you and him will raise one hand at the same time, when this is done both of you are again standing with one hand lifted up: a perfect mirror position! 3 times in a row!

Twins includes 13 different methods to achieve the above effect. It includes contributions from:

This is an effect that Nefesch does on a daily basis, and he has fooled not only laymen but also quite a few fellow performers!

You can do this as a single performance, or mix it up with any other routine in which you want to have a physical proof that you have your mind synchronized with someone's else.

Here are some Attributes for this effect:

  • No Pre-Show
  • No Stooges
  • No Instant Stooges
  • No Hypnosis
  • No Guessing
  • No Luck
  • Easy Set up
  • Instant Reset

1st edition 2011; 92 pages.

word count: 94975 which is equivalent to 379 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Alfonso Bartolacci (confirmed purchase)
★★★★   Date Added: Monday 11 March, 2013

This man is a genius and the gratest hypnotist of the world . People write review on his books, talking about routines the do not exist on the Nefesch book ( or should I speak of "psychic mafia ? ) Surfing on the web, on magic cafè forum the review are theese : Nefesch do the effect via skype : boy, this is fantastic, than when you read the book you understand how !! Nefesch do this routine in his drawing room ( when in bath room or toilette ? ) , with strange person taken you do not know where !! Nefesch say on the magic cafè forum that on this book are 5 systems ( before publishing the final book ) , and that 4 are 100% sure fire and 1 99,99 .....boy where are theese routine on the book ? The book is full of material only useful on one on one routine or in front of many but in informal setting , with strategies taken from Ormond Mc Gills etcetera , recycled material that a pro cannot use on stage ( in fact performances are in drawing room, strange and lost places, corridors, skype etc ) Ok man, please remember : when you talk about publishing SOLID ROUTINE, that means that the routine is tested, really tested in front of paying audience , narrowed from hundreds of performances , and with a UNIC METHODOLY that work and some nuances, NOT 11 methods with no rotuine and nuances only ! Hey boy , you are realy kidding, this man is really a fake, whit a terribile standing kind of persona !! And now I will buy immediatly "linked", I am really curious on his fantastic edition of Cordinda material !! This is really a wonderful world Alfonso Bartolacci NLP Trainer Mentalist Author

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