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UF Grant's Lost Card Secrets
by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant


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UF Grant's Lost Card Secrets by Devin Knight & Ulysses Frederick Grant

This new e-book contains five of U. F. Grant's forgotten and almost lost card miracles. The first four effects are from a booklet released in 1931 that contained what Grant considered to be his four best card effects. The release was called: Counterfeit Card Miracles. It is very rare and almost impossible to find today. Devin has taken the four effects and updated them and expanded the directions. These are real magician foolers!

#1- A spectator shuffles his own deck of cards and looks at one, remembering what number from the top that card is. For example, he may choose to remember the card tenth from the top. All of this may be done while you are out of the room. Now you return and place the deck behind your back, stating you are going to change the order of the cards. Next, the deck is brought to the front and you ask what number from the top the selected card is. For example, assume the spectator says fifth. You count down and show that his card is not there now, thereby proving that you did change the order of the cards.

Now the deck is given a complete cut, either by you or the spectator. That loses all chance of finding the selected card as in former methods. You place the deck behind your back, saying you will reverse a card in the deck. The deck is brought to the front and fanned out until a reversed card is reached.

Deck is cut off at the reversed card. From the top of the deck the cards are dealt onto a table one at a time, each card represents a letter of the spectator’s first name. On the last letter, that card is turned over and proves to be the card that was selected while you were out of the room!

#2- A spectator selects a card in his own hands while the magician's back is turned. The magician turns around and takes the deck without doing anything to the cards and immediately places the deck behind his back. He says he is going to reverse a card in the deck. He brings the deck forth and spreads the cards showing the reversed card. From the reversed card, the spectator's first name is spelled one card at a time face down. The last card is shown to be the person's selected card! The effect can be immediately repeated with as many spectators as you wish. The more you repeat it, the more baffling it becomes. No sleights and the magician never looks at the faces of the cards.

#3- A deck is borrowed and a spectator shuffles it. He hands the deck to the magician who immediately starts spelling the names of cards from the face-down deck. As each card is spelled, the next card is turned over and proves to be that card! Magician names another card, proceeds to spell it and the next card is it. Can be done 20 or more times. Remember, the deck is borrowed, shuffled and handed to the magician. No skill, No stacks of any kind. 100% impromptu. A real fooler.

#4- A spectator removes the four Jacks and replaces them into different sections, and then gives the deck a shuffle. Now the deck is handed to you and the lights turned out and turned on again. The four Jacks are now reversed throughout the deck. The four Jacks are taken out and four other cards are reversed throughout the deck. The spectator holds the deck and you hold the four Jacks. Once more the lights are turned off and on. Believe it or not, you are now holding the four indifferent cards and the four jacks are now found to be reversed throughout the deck; even though the spectator held the deck in his own hands while the lights were out! This needs to be done in a room where it is pitch black once the lights are turned out.

The fifth effect in this e-book was the first release in Grant's Modern Blueprint Service. A very limited release and almost unheard of today. It was called Grant's Classic Card Change.

Effect: A card is selected and then lost in the deck. The performer says he will attempt to cut the selected card to the bottom of the deck behind his back. The performer attempts this feat behind his back and he fails. A rubber band is placed around the pack. The performer passes his hand over the face of the pack and the bottom card beneath the rubber band changes, but it is not the selected card. Another attempt has failed.

Another rubber band is then placed around the pack in the other direction, so the pack is encircled in both directions. The performer passes his hand in front of the deck and the bottom card changes to the selected card, while both rubber bands encircle the deck! The selected card can be signed.

Remember you get all five of these lost secrets in on deluxe e-book; all effects have been updated with expanded directions and notes by Devin Knight.

1st edition 2016, 18 pages.
word count: 3845 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Ronald M Levy
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 27 September, 2016

The amount of careful research and scholarship Devin Knight has applied to this excellent group of surprising card spelling effects, together with a stunning card transposition, presents the legendary magic of UF Grant so that there are valuable secrets here that are of use by the magician of today. Grant speaks to us once again through the dedication of Devin Knight.