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Ultimate Personal DVD
by Paul Romhany

Ultimate Personal DVD by Paul Romhany

Romhany Studios bring you the ultimate marketing tool! Find out why so many top professionals are using this DVD to sell their own personalized magic teaching DVD and making their money back from this product and more.

This DVD is used by cruise ship magicians, birthday party magicians, stage magicians and even trade show magicians who want to sell or have a product to use as a special give-away.

Once you receive your original master copy you own the DVD and can produce as many as you want for as long as you want, you can sell them for as little or as much as you want.

Throw away the old coloring magic books you used to sell after your shows; finally there's something for today’s market that will make you money!

What you receive is a custom made master DVD which will have your name, web site, photo and logo on the menu page of the DVD. You own the master DVD and can produce as many copies of the DVD as you like, either professionally or on your home computer.

If you were to go in to a studio and record your own "Magic Teaching DVD" it would cost you thousands of dollars. We have done all the work for you!

The DVD has ten effects in all, for ages 8 and up. The magic is taught using white gloves so you see no hands, and everything is backed by especially written music. No voice-overs and no faces ... this really is the ultimate DVD for any magician who wants to sell a product after their shows or use a personal product giveaway. Also included on this DVD are twelve optical illusions people can watch on their TV plus three interactive TV tricks.

Effects taught:

  • Hanky Thru Glass
  • Pencil Thru Bill
  • Bending Fork
  • Haunted Hanky
  • Vanishing Coin
  • Magic Printing
  • Pencil Thru Hanky
  • Knife to Fork
  • Color Change Napkins
  • Magic Straw
It’s easy!
  1. After you purchased this product here, email your photo, logo and web address to
  2. We will produce your own Master Copy of this DVD
  3. Once you receive your Master Copy you can get them professionally copied or do it on your own computer, simply design your own cover sheets using any computer printing program.
"The quality is excellent, the tricks are excellent and the price for these DVDs are way too cheap for what we get in return! This is totally one of the best real products to come out for magicians in a looooong time! High five guys!" - Dan Sperry, professional magician

"I received the DVD and I had the opportunity to watch it. The editing, trick explanations and overall production quality are better than I expected. Thank you for a great product. Most magicians I know, that do 'back or room sales' would have no problem investing 3-4 hundred dollars in a quality product that will return their money as quickly as your DVD!" - Glenn Strange

"This is the best thing that has come along in a long time. Your product is worth every penny ... to be honest ... it's worth way more than you are selling it for. Your DVDs are a goldmine." - Cody S. Fisher, MUM Magazine

"The return on this DVD has been incredible. In only two weeks I was able to sell over $1000 worth of DVD's after my shows. The quality of your product is fantastic ... thanks so much!" - Gilbert Green - professional magician

"If you want to make extra money at every gig...sorry...easy extra money, then you need this. It is professionally produced and very high quality. This is so much classier and longer lasting the coloring books so many magicians sell and the DVD is enjoyable for the whole family. I cannot imagine anyone not loving this." TC Tahoe - professional magician - editor of Mind Over Magic

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