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Under Cover
by Jim Coles


(1 review, 2 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Under Cover by Jim Coles

Imagine this: You borrow a quarter from a spectator and have it initialed with a Sharpie marker. You take a pack of cigarettes and place the quarter on top of the pack. You have the spectator cover the quarter with a hand and say you’ll cause the coin to pass completely through the pack. You make a magical pass and have the spectator lift her hand. Only...the quarter’s still there. You ask the spectator to pick up the quarter. She tries but her fingers slide right over the coin. Impossibly the coin is under the cellophane! You clearly show the pack is unopened and unmarked in any way. You have the spectator open the pack and remove her signed coin. They can look all they want but an answer is nowhere to be found.

Sound like a miracle? Well what you’ve just read is exactly the effect of Under Cover. This is no pipe dream and no impossibly complex monstrosity. This is a straightforward, practical, and unbelievably magical way of causing a signed coin to penetrate the cellophane of an unopened pack of cigarettes.

  • You start and end clean
  • There are no tricky switches or involved moves
  • It really is the spectator’s signed quarter that ends up under the cellophane
  • The spectator can remove the coin herself and examine to her heart’s content
If you’re looking for a practical miracle that makes a colossal impact, look no further. Under Cover is easy to learn, easy to do, and creates an effect always remembered.

1st edition 2008; 22 pages.
word count: 3440 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Andrew Ripley
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 20 August, 2008

I like this alot. With alot of magic advertising you don't know what you're going to end up with but with this trick the advertising is true. Its easy to learn and easy to do. I don't smoke alot but can adapt this to a deck of cards easy. The secret is clever and invisible. The instruction is clear and easy to follow and I had it down after one reading. I think what I like most is its their quarter under the cellophane and they can open it themselves. A real good trick for not much money. Five of five stars. I highly recommend this.

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