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Unlimited 3.0 by Norm Osborn & Edward Marlo & Jon Racherbaumer

This manuscript explores in detail the possibilities of the 'Double Count'. As the title implies, the possibilities seem unlimited. After reading this PDF you will surely come up with your own variations and takes on the effects presented. The Double Count in its basic form is to show five cards absolutely cleanly as six. One of the five cards is a double facer.

1st edition 1953, 2nd edition 1983, 3rd edition 2002, 48 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. The Card Goes Home (Norm Osborn)
  2. Improved Double Count (Edward Marlo)
  3. Effect One
  4. Effect Two
  5. Effect Three
  6. Effect Four
  7. Effect Five
  8. Effect Six
  9. Effect Seven
  10. False Fan Group Count
  11. The Group Count For More
  12. Impromptu Double Count
  13. Double Count Handling For More
  14. Upjog Upset Unlimited Count (Simon Aronson)
  15. Time-Out Unlimited Count (Gary Plants)
  16. The Card Goeth Home (Edward Marlo)
  17. Red And Blue Routine 1
  18. Red And Blue Routine 2
  19. Red And Blue Routine 3
  20. Hide-Out Move Concept
  21. Indubitable Cards Across

word count: 16357 which is equivalent to 65 standard pages of text