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by Scott Creasey


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UNO-IT by Scott Creasey

In his guise as mentalist, mind reader and psychic entertainer, Scott is always on the lookout for routines that use innocent looking, common and recognizable props, which can be adapted for use in stage and close up environments.

In the following pages you will find a number of real world routines using UNO cards. Available from most toy stores and regularly advertised on TV, if you perform any kind of mentalism, you will find them perfect as a substitute for playing cards or ESP cards.

All the routines in this ebook have been tried, tested and refined over years of performance. As well as being strong mentalism effects and routines, which can be worked both stand-up and close up, you will find them technically easy to perform, with simple plots which the audience will find easy follow.

But UNO-IT goes further than that. The symbols and colours associated with UNO cards can also be used to deliver numerology readings, colour interpretations and even linked to the tarot and Scott teaches you how. By equipping you with basic interpretations and sample readings, he shows you how to take mind reading, remote viewing and predictions using nothing more than a pack of UNO cards, and transform them into demonstrations of psychic theatre.

"Once again Scott shares from his working repertoire a number of BS-free effects and routines. This time it's UNO-IT. Simply put this material is Numero Uno and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED." - Peter Arcane

1st edition 2013, 33 pages.
word count: 9501 which is equivalent to 38 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 16 June, 2016

Scott Creasey, while perhaps not as well known as some of the other UK mentalists, is a real hero of mine. To put it simply, he rocks. He has so many good DIY projects, books, tricks, and routines that I have no hesitation in using overused words like "brilliant" and "genius" because he really is. Here's a prime example: a multi-part routine of nice duration using, of all things, Uno cards. I love it. Everyone has seen Uno cards. They have numbers and pretty colors. For folks who want to engage in the silly, pointless discussion about whether mentalists should use cards, how about using Uno cards? They are common the world over and don't shout, "Not mentalism, card trick!" This is great outside-the-box thinking by Scott.

Scott gives you a three-part routine and some bonuses. I am not a fan of doing multi-part routines copied chapter-and-verse from another mentalist--I want to be my own performer--but the parts here are easily divisible and independent, and you can mix and match. There isn't anything new in the methodology, but these are excellent effects. Some books are so sparsely written that it's hard to grasp what kind of presentation the effect needs, while others are so overwritten--with every supposedly hilarious one-liner and snide remark--that you have to separate the good from the bad. In all of Scott's routining, he strikes a nice balance: enough on presentation and nothing overdone. He's a fine writer.

One more thing for educational purposes--and I'm not giving away trade secrets because without the context of Uno-It, this will be cryptic, but I want to encourage you to check it out. As I said, there's nothing new in the methodology here. Perhaps, more correctly, I should say that in one aspect, the methodology relies on something so old and obscure that even some card guys may not be fully aware of it, the corner short. Richard Osterlind is a big proponent, and the Uno-It routine uses it effectively too. Until you play around with it and see that it can also save you in an emergency, you may not realize that it's something good to know about if you handle card decks. Get out your copy of Hugard and Braue in addition to purchasing Uno-It and check it out. You won't be disappointed. You might even be enlightened.