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Unwritten Thought
by Devin Knight & Al Mann

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Unwritten Thought by Devin Knight & Al Mann

A participant thinks of two words with opposite meanings. The performer tells him to decide upon one word and to forget the other. He settles on a word in his mind after deciding from several thousand possibilities. He does not look at a list of words, but freely decides on a word in his mind. He is not to tell the performer the final word or write it, just concentrate on it. The performer picks up a piece of cardboard and with no fishing or questions; writes a word and shows it to the participant and audience. Let's assume the performer wrote: 'Beautiful'. The performer says, "Does that define your word?" The participant says, "Yes." "What was the word you were thinking of," the performer asks. The participant says, "Pretty." The amazing thing is that your participant need never tell you their word until the word you wrote has been revealed. Does this sound impossible? It is not unless you know the secret.

The performer does not know the exact word the participant is thinking of because he never writes it nor tells the performer the word. The performer will not know the exact word the person is thinking of until he reveals it after the effect is over.

No dual reality, this is the true effect, and is what the participant and audience sees. Baffling beyond words and uses a little-known Al Mann principal expanded upon by Devin Knight.

  • No stooges or instant stooges
  • No dual reality
  • No nail writers
  • No secret writing of any kind
  • No pre-show work

1st edition 2019, 22 pages.
word count: 3832 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text