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Van K. Allison

Van K. Allison

(USA: fl.1910s)

Edited The Conjuring Record (Bronxville, NY). He marketed himself as: "Entertaining With Magic and Ventriloquism Open time for smokers, clubs, churches, dinners, etc."

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Van K. Allison
Conjuring Record (Apr 1913 - Feb 1915) by Van K. Allison

This is a collection of the first two volumes of The Conjuring Record from April 1913 to February 1915. The first issue, March 1913 is missing.

From Volume 1, Number 7, through Volume 2, Number 3, this was the official publication of the National Conjurers' Association.

The March 1914 issue has a supplement with a number of interesting photos of performers not that often seen depicted: Hagen, Fricke, Kennedy, Simms, Oakley, Wilcox, Hubbard, Lohrey, Garrett, Dresbach, Karmont, Shambo, Halley, Schreck, Karland, Yeakel, Foster, Vardome, ..., and a photo of the Power's Magic Store.

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