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Variations on an ESP Theme
by Russell J. Hall


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Variations on an ESP Theme by Russell J. Hall

Excerpt from the introduction:

Being made up of five symbols repeated five times, the standard ESP pack is ideally suited to coincidence-type effects. For some time I've used a number of effects based on a coincidence or 'linked minds' theme which involved the selection of two or three symbols, apparently at random, which later turned out to be identical. It occurred to me recently, however, that there was scope for extending the principle to include all five cards of any particular symbol.

  • Symbol synchronicity
  • The Rhine reaction
  • Zenner mate
  • ESP topper
  • ESP round-up
  • Down-under divination
  • The Klondyke kaper
  • Klondyke koincidence
  • Klondyke notes
  • Summary

1st edition 1976, 12 pages; PDF 13 pages.
word count: 4787 which is equivalent to 19 standard pages of text