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Vicissitudes by Scott F. Guinn

From the professional repertoire of popular author Scott F. Guinn comes a powerhouse six-phase feature card routine, Vicissitudes. The meaning of "Vicissitudes" is "a succession of alternating changes," and that is exactly what happens in this magical routine. Two cards repeatedly change places in very visual and shocking ways:

1. The JH changes into the 10C in midair and then the JH suddenly and visually appears on top of the deck.

2.The 10C is at the face of the deck, the JH inserted, reversed, in the middle. Suddenly the JH is at the face and the 10C reversed in the middle.

3.Both cards are fairly inserted, widely separated, into the deck. The deck is immediately spread to reveal they are face up next to each other in the middle of the face down deck.

4. The 10C is placed face up into the middle of the deck, The JH at the face. Instantly and visibly, the cards change places.

5. You place the JH in your pocket and the 10C reversed in the deck. When the deck is spread, the JH is reversed in the middle and you then remove the 10C from your pocket.

6. For the finale, a participant checks both of your side jacket pockets and verifies that they are completely empty. You immediately spread the deck face up to reveal that both cards have vanished from the deck, and both of your hands are empty. The same spectator who examined your pockets just a moment earlier reaches into those pockets to find one of the vanished cards in each of them!


  • No duplicates or gimmicks of any kind are used.
  • No stooges.
  • The cards can be signed.
  • The deck can be borrowed.
  • The spectator actually removes the cards from the pockets he just checked himself.
For a pittance of $10 you can have a professional, commercial feature routine that will blow away any audience. It makes a great closer for a card act, and is also a wonderful standalone routine. Get Vicissitudes and see YOUR act change--for the better.

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike most of Scott's material, Vicissitudes is not easy to do. There is some fairly extensive sleight of hand involved (thoroughly explained in Scott's clear writing style in 38 pages with 55 accompanying photos). While not otherworldly difficult, this routine is intended for the intermediate to advanced card magician. It is definitely not recommended for beginners.

"I read your newest ebooks (Designated Driver, Pro-Mega, and Vicissitudes). They are fantastic! Your stuff is always great!" - Farrell Dillon

"Great to see that you are still being the innovator I always knew and loved!!!!" - Paul Green

1st edition 2015, 38 pages.
word count: 7310 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text