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Pro-Mega by Scott F. Guinn

Scott F. Guinn tips every detail of Pro-Mega, his blockbuster multiple location routine for parlor, platform and stage!

Seven audience participants each freely select and sign a card. The cards are lost in the deck and then each card is found in a progressively more impossible way. The amazement and amusement grow to an unbelievable crescendo with the revelation of the last card, which has been in full view in an impossible location since before the show began!

Scott is a seasoned pro who has used this pet routine in his professional performing repertoire for decades, often as the closer of his act. It can also be performed standalone, as a 12-15-minute act unto itself. It has comedy, drama, suspense and STRONG magic, making it a routine that your audience will remember long after the show.

Scott includes an additional optional (and hilarious) phase to close the routine for more comedy-oriented performances. He also explains all the necessary sleights and moves, as well as the philosophy behind the routine. Best of all, like most of Scott's material, Pro-Mega is easy to do, but it will garner laughs, gasps, and enthusiastic applause from your audiences. Get Pro-Mega today, and give your audiences what they really want - entertaining magic!

"I bought your Pro Mega card routine because I was curious. Well, as usual, great routine. I like all your added bits and I realized I never thought of having extra effects like you did. Anyway, once again loved the construction of the routine and the amount of mileage you get out of all the selections. And, of course, I love how you explain all the bits of business plus give all the variations that are possible." - Greg Arce

1st edition 2015, updated 2022, PDF 49 pages with 68 photos.
word count: 7446 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text