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Wanderings of a Vagabond

by John Morris
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Wanderings of a Vagabond by John Morris

A classic in gambling literature.

  • Introductory
  • Chapter I: Early Days
  • Chapter II: Early Days
  • Chapter III: Profession
  • Chapter IV: The Club
  • Chapter V: Captain William Smith
  • Chapter VI: Diplomacy
  • Chapter VII: Major George Jenks
  • Chapter VIII: Faro
  • Chapter IX: Departure
  • Chapter X: Phantoms Of The Memory
  • Chapter XI: Wheeling
  • Chapter XII: "On To Richmond"
  • Chapter XIII: The Horse
  • Chapter XIV: Washington City
  • Chapter XV: Inventors
  • Chapter XVI: Incubi
  • Chapter XVII: Sharpers
  • Chapter XVIII: Scenes At Long Branch
  • Chapter XIX: Second-Class "Skinning-Houses"
  • Chapter XX: Sharpers
  • Chapter XXI: Biographical Sketches
  • Chapter XXII: New York
  • Chapter XXIII: Squaring Accounts
  • Chapter XXIV: In The Lock-Up
  • Chapter XXV: Boxers
  • Chapter XXVI: Persecution
  • Chapter XXVII: Prejudices
  • Chapter XXVIII: Wolf-Traps
  • Chapter XXIX: Wolf-Traps - Continued
  • Chapter XXX: Sharp Practice
  • Chapter XXXI: Lexington Races
  • Chapter XXXII: The Flight
  • Chapter XXXIII: The Mississippi
  • Chapter XXXIV: RIVER Sharpers
  • Chapter XXXV: Three-Card Monte Throwers
  • Chapter XXXVI: The Hog-Drover
  • Chapter XXXVII: Mobile
  • Chapter XXXVIII: A "Nigger In The Fence"
  • Chapter XXXIX: The "Nigger" Gets Out

1st edition 1873, 492 pages; PDF 370 pages.
word count: 200790 which is equivalent to 803 standard pages of text

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