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Wavey Train
by David Devlin


(2 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Wavey Train by David Devlin

ALL ABOARD! B'wave by Max Maven has been one of David's favorite effects since its release in 1991. Since then, countless variations have been published...and here are some more! These routines have been designed to give what is essentially the same effect as B'wave, but eliminate the need for Equivoque or any other force. There are four effects that will knock 'em for a loop, plus two bonus chapters devoted to the "Wave" concept.

First up is Jacks in the Box. On the table sits a single card box. It is explained that the box contains the four jacks, and only the four jacks. However, there is one jack that is face up. A spectator is asked to name any suit. Suppose he says, "Spades". The box is opened and the four cards are removed. They are face down with red backs. The cards are then shown one at a time and the Jack of Spades is face up among the three red backed cards. The Jack of Spades is then turned face down to reveal that it has a blue back. Finally, the red backed cards are shown to be blank on the face! Remember, there are absolutely no forces and there is only one packet!

Next is Act of B'wavery. A spectator calls out any four-of-a-kind. The performer removes said four cards and lays them out on the table. The spectator eliminates 3 of the cards. The 3 discards are now turned face down and shown to have red backs. The deck is now spread face down and is seen to be a red backed deck. The single face up playing card that was not eliminated is now turned face down and is seen to have a blue back! As a kicker, the 3 eliminated cards are now turned face up and are now blank face cards!

The third effect is titled, Nitration. This is a new method for an effect by Cameron Francis called, Nitrate. The method is new and very different from Cameron's effect. The effect is this: A packet of cards is shown. A spectator names any suit. It is shown that the named suit is the only card in the packet. The other three cards are blank. Suddenly, the other three suits appear and the card that bore the named suit is now blank.

The final effect is Wavey Train. A packet of four face down cards with red backs is shown. It is explained to the spectators that the packet consists of the four queens. While as of now, they are all face down, there is one queen that is unusual, different than the others. The spectator now names any one of the four suits. It is shown that the named queen is the only one with an odd-colored back, and that the other three cards are blank.

The next chapter is Tidal Wave. This is not another effect. This is how David routines all of the previous effects into one complete act.

The final chapter is a bonus chapter titled, Try It My Wave. This chapter discusses David's handling, patter, and thoughts on the original "B'wave" by Max Maven.

This eBook is a must for any performer who has even a slight interest in "Wave" effects.

1st edition 2014, 26 pages.
word count: 8109 which is equivalent to 32 standard pages of text