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Webb Mania
by Gregg Webb

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Webb Mania by Gregg Webb

From the Foreword:

Magic is changing and a lot of the reason for this is that people's attention spans are shorter because of the pace of life today and more distractions.

We don't have the luxury of people dying for entertainment. There is too much entertainment and to compete, we have to get to the point quicker.

If you look at my magic a certain way, it is a direct result of chipping away at long tricks trying to distill them down.

The format follows Gregg's established style of illustrations and hand-lettered text.

  • Dedication
  • Introduction
  • Bill in Lemon XYZ
  • Three Minus One Equals Two
  • Woop Woop Woop
  • On Ricky Jay
  • Jumpin' Jiminie
  • On the Passing on of Richard Robinson
  • Hoo-Rah! Leaf Rejuvenation
  • Woop Dee Doo
  • Rah Rah Rah - Sis Boom Bah! Revamp Your Want!
  • Wickity Wackity - An Essay About Our Art
  • Ciao, Cheerio!
  • Channeling Vernon Plus Improving the Trick
  • Poker Schmocker - Gregg Webb's Last Trick

1st edition 2019, 34 pages.
word count: 175 which is equivalent to 0 standard pages of text