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California Lecture 2006
by Alexander de Cova

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California Lecture 2006 by Alexander de Cova

From the introduction:

You will find that most of my mterial is suitable for the stand-up performer. This is due to the fact that in Europe there aren't too many opportunities to work restaurants, bars and other close-up situations. We have to deal with small stand-up shows, birthday parties, wedding parties, smaller theatres and cabarets, and the like. Naturally, if you want to survive as a performer, you will have to adapt to this situation and develop suitable material. Above all, the material must be direct and to the point, because the European audiences generally don't have too much patience with a magician...

My material is relatively simple, both in method and presentation. In my magic, I strive for creating routines in the style of the late Ken Brooke, who is one of my magical heroes. Maximum impact with a minimum effort for the performer. Also, my material packs small and I want it to play big. I fancy a visual approach, because I believe magic is an art that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Included in this ebook are de Cova's "10 Laws of Magic" which will certainly improve your magic if you heed them.

  • Introduction
  • The Premonition Concept
  • Tea Time
  • The Bavarian Beer Game
  • Groundhog Day
  • De Cova's Laws
  • Porous Plastic
  • Rosediction
  • Stab in the Dark
  • Master Silks
  • Forte-X
  • Ring-o-Change
1st edition 2006, 46 pages.
word count: 16077 which is equivalent to 64 standard pages of text