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What's in a Name?

by Stefan Olschewski
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What's in a Name? by Stefan Olschewski

A spectator (freely!) selects a playing card as her lucky card and is also asked for the initials of her first love (no force!). The initials are written on a piece of paper and the lucky card is signed by the lady. The paper is placed onto the card and suddenly bursts into flames. When the lady turns over her lucky card, she finds that the initials of her first love have appeared on the back of her lucky card!

This effect always creates an emotional impact and will be remembered for a long time. The card with the initials may immediately and without any switches be given out as a souvenir to the lady.

  • No forces of any kind
  • No stooges
  • No rub-on letters
  • No rough and smooth
  • No difficult sleights
  • No pre-show work
  • The card may be examined without any switches
  • The magic happens directly in the spectator’s hands
  • Resets in just one second
  • Ideal for table hopping

1st edition 2009; 16 pages.
word count: 3256 which is equivalent to 13 standard pages of text

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