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What's Your Sign?
by Ray Grismer


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What's Your Sign? by Ray Grismer

A letter-by-letter revelation of somebody's birth sign that produces at most two No. Here is an example:

"What's your sign? Don't tell me! I'll read your mind. Here's a list of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Concentrate on yours. Now, mentally print it in big block letters. Look at it in your mind. Concentrate. I'll try to see what you see. When I make a statement please answer with a Yes or No. I see an R. Yes. I see an I. Yes. I see an A. Yes. I see an S. No. My error - it's an L. Yes. We're looking at Libra. Yes!"

1st edition ~1987, 3 pages; PDF 2 pages.
word count: 365 which is equivalent to 1 standard pages of text