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Wild Color Twist
by John Gelasi


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Wild Color Twist by John Gelasi

John Gelasi's Wild Color Twist has never been better! This new video download features an updated handling of John's favorite packet trick, making it cleaner and more mechanically direct than ever.

The effect is this: Four aces are shown. Each ace turns face up in the packet, one by one: first the ace of diamonds, then the clubs, then the spades - to mix things up a bit, the performer surprises everyone by turning all of the aces into aces of spades, except for one: the missing ace of hearts. The magician snaps his fingers, showing that all of the aces have gone back to being different - really. In fact, they're all completely different, with each one now having a different colored back design! All of the cards may now be examined!

This new video download includes a full performance and explanation of the newly updated and perfected setup and handling, as well as additional thoughts. Also included are two never-before-published bonus effects:

Backspace: An impromptu all-backs routine with a killer (and nearly self-working) transposition finale.

Houdini in My Pocket: Using just a few cards removed from the deck, the magician demonstrates some of Harry Houdini's famous illusions - in miniature form, of course.

The cards required for Wild Color Twist are very easy to find. All you'll need are a few regular cards with contrasting back designs.

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