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Winning Products: A Guide
by (Benny) Ben Harris

#1 Magazines & Journals author
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Winning Products: A Guide by (Benny) Ben Harris

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"The content is so easy to read and filled with valuable information on how to produce a successful product. Even after many years of releasing, I still feel I've learned a lot reading this book." - Titanas (Greece)

"What a great book. I have never seen this information given anywhere else. I started selling magic in 1991 and I wish I had had access to this information back then - it would have made my life so much easier!" - Peter Duffie (Scotland)

"This is something I needed 16 years ago!" - Wayne Rogers Chicane Enterprises (New Zealand)

From the Foreword by Ran Pink:

"Ben has been creating and releasing his own original, beautifully designed magic for over 30 years. His "out of the box" thinking has influenced us all in ways that go beyond his magical teachings. Our eyes have been drawn to the countless packaging designs he has overseen for the biggest names in magic. I'm willing to bet that at some point in your magical career you've experienced several books, effects or gimmicks from another creator that came in a Ben Harris designed package. This is a man who understands the key ingredients for creating and releasing a successful product from concept to the shelves. He is an expert on how to create a buzz around a release with his innovative and practical marketing skills. If only I had this book when I first began releasing my material to the magic world..."

WINNING PRODUCTS - A GUIDE is filled with the sort of detail that will allow the market place to embrace you and your product with enthusiasm. (And that's half the battle. Look at all the one night stands out there now! Gold today GONE tomorrow) You'll learn how to make it all easy by ensuring the correct pricing and distribution, by advertising in the correct manner, while promoting and building a reputation as someone who cares about the details of getting it right! Then you'll be embraced, loved and SOLD!

The book is divided into four sections:

Part One: Market and Product Definitions

Here you'll learn what makes a SUCCESSFUL PRODUCT. By filtering your ideas through these attributes you will only release material that adds to the fabric of our art. You'll avoid being one of the 85% of LOSING PRODUCTS. If only the entire industry used this filter, then we'd have very little crap on the market.

Part Two: Product Realization

This is how you best match your product to FORMAT. By doing this correctly you will identify a BUDGET allowing for cost-effective production and advertising. Learn to IMPUTE your products with extra value. Here are the secrets of maximizing your product for retail, wholesale and jobber.

Part Three: Servicing The Market

You'll learn how to set up your business so that you can supply retail, wholesale and jobber making money at every step of the way. Learn what is expected of you so that you can ensure your product's success during the magic TEN DAY WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY when everyone will be supporting YOU.

Part Four: Advertising and Marketing

It may be magazine advertising or internet Marketing. Maybe convention appearances or lectures. Banner adverts and mailing lists. Whew, so many ways to tell the market about your product. But telling them is just the beginning. Real marketing is about ENGAGING your audience. Here you will learn the secrets of creating ANTICIPATION and getting everyone talking about YOU.

Written in a rambling and conversational mode, this is a textbook like no other. By following the guidelines gleaned from over three decades of real experience you are bound to increase your chances of making a genuine contribution to our art.

1st edition 2012, 110 pages.
word count: 15453 which is equivalent to 61 standard pages of text