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With Magic in Mind
by Toby Vacher

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With Magic in Mind by Toby Vacher

This is a collection of three card effects with a Mentalist's presentation. Because of this, there are no knuckle-busting sleights or use of anything but a standard deck of cards (although one of the effects works better with a single double-backer).

Not only do you get three audience-tested, astounding effect, but you also get a video explaining the author's improved method for the cascade control and many extra tips, tricks and alternate endings. The video is in wmv format. You are taught everything you need to perform all the effects to know except the humble double lift.

You will learn the following: Biddle Steal, Kick Cut, a False Riffle Shuffle, PATEO force, an application of Magician's Choice, the authors additions to Charlie Miller's 'Cascade Control' (requires knowledge on the original control), all three effects including suggested patter and alternate endings

Material Thought:
The magician explains how a deck of cards is a lot like a human mind and how one thought can be represented by a single card. The spectator chooses a card and by remembering it, creates a thought tied to that card. The card is lost in the deck and the thought is lost in the mind. The magician now explains his reasoning for narrowing down the deck to a small packet by talking of parts of the conscious and unconscious mind. Finally he decides that the chosen card must be one of 3 possible cards and shows them to the spectator. The rest of the deck is given to another spectator to hold. Now the magician hands the 3 possible cards to the spectator face down and asks them to take a deep breath and simply let the card melt away from their mind. The cards in the spectator’s hands are then spread to reveal only two and the missing card is the chosen card. The spectator is then asked to concentrate on the thought of his card again, and the magician turns back to the representation of the mind, the deck in the other spectator’s hands. The deck is spread to reveal the chosen card face up in the centre. The spectators thought has materialised again.

"Toby kindly allowed me to audience test this for him a while back and it's still a feature piece of my routine. I use it to close at tables and it gets great reactions every time. It's a really great piece of magic with plenty of presentational potential." ~ Will Wood - Magician.

A spectator is shown a normal deck of 52 cards and told that he is about to be influenced into picking a certain card of the magician’s choosing. He is told that the influences will be very subtle but that if he notices them, he is to try and resist. He is also told that there will be 2 practice runs before the real card is selected. The magician obviously out jogs a face-up card and tells the spectator to resist the influencing if he notices it. The spectator picks any card he likes and the magician explains how the out jogged card influenced his decision. This is repeated again, and then on the third time the magician out jogs 4 cards, one of each suit. The card chosen (which doesn’t have to be one of the out jogged cards) is the card to be used. The magician asks if the spectator would like to change his decision and the spectator decides whatever he likes. The deck is turned over and the chosen card is held in the magician’s hands as he fans the deck to show all the backs are the same and are normal. The chosen card is then turned over and written on the back, in large black writing is “Your Card”.

"You have created an effect stronger than the invisible deck!" ~Chris Earl

Perfect Prediction:
A spectator selects a number of cards from a face-down spread and a prediction is written. Those cards are placed face up on the table and they are eliminated one by one by the magician and the spectator, together. The prediction is turned over and the note is read out. The magician has predicted the correct card! (Cue applause). But the effect isn't finished! The magician then proceeds to say how confident he was of influencing the spectator's decision/knowing the spectator's choice that he went so far as to ensure that only one prediction could be used and he even made the prediction hours or even days before the night of performance. He spells out the note letter by letter and is left with the same number of cards as the value of the chosen card. Those cards then are then shown in pairs of the same suit that add up to the correct value. This is repeated 4 times. How perfect!

"These effects are sure to be a hit whenever you perform them. They are well thought out and excellently described. I cannot fault this product, not for the money you pay. These are effects you will use. The first effect is surely the best out of them all!" ~ "Samagik" - Manchester, UK

1st edition 2005, 18 pages.