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The Shotgun

by Toby Vacher
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The Shotgun by Toby Vacher

This new method of card shooting can be used to allow one card or multiple cards to be shot out of the deck with high speed and accuracy. The card even appears to be shot from the centre of the deck and can be shot in an arc in the air, be caught in the deck after shooting and many more applications, I’m sure, will be discovered by some of you.

In addition to the ebook you will get a video explanation of the shotgun move. The video is in wmv format.

Bonus “Deadly Weapons” Effect:
The magician starts out on your average pick a card trick but realises that the spectator has picked the most violent card in the deck! He explains that the card causes the rest of the deck to turn into a deadly weapon and demonstrates its power by shooting a card from the middle of the deck, the card that was just selected and replaced (the most violent card). The magician goes on to show that once the gunpowder has run out, there are still deadly weapons. He demonstrates how the deck can be as powerful as a flick knife, a punch to the body and finally, an atomic bomb! This effect includes the first publication of Toby Vacher's "Deck Snatch" revelation (the chosen card is suddenly plucked from the centre of a messed-up deck) and explanations for all the moves required to perform this strange and unusual effect.

1st edition 2005; 9 pages.

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