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Your Thought Is Mine
by Unnamed Magician

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Your Thought Is Mine by Unnamed Magician

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"I've been performing this over the past few days and more than one spectator has been convinced that I possess ESP. It's that strong." - Tommaso Guglielmi

"Another phenomenal effect by the Unnamed Magician. If you like thought of card tricks or coincidence tricks, this is a steal for the price." - Tony Bianco

A truly remarkable coincidence. A deck is shuffled and divided into two halves. The spectator thinks of a card in their half, the magician thinks of a card in his half, and when the two halves are simultaneously dealt through, the two cards turn up at the same time! Read on.


The magician introduces a deck of cards - he spreads it face up to show that all the cards are different. Then, he turns to the spectator and says, "I want you to think of a number, say, less than half the size of the deck. But I don't want you to just think of one off the top of your head, as I may be able to psychologically influence you towards a certain number. Instead, I want you to randomly generate a number. Just cut off any amount of cards, less than half the deck in size, silently count them to yourself, and then bury them anywhere within the remainder of the deck. I'll look away as you do all this." The magician turns his back and allows the spectator to do as instructed.

Once the deck is reassembled, the magician turns back around and tells the spectator that he wants them to split the deck into two halves. But, before they do so, they should thoroughly shuffle the deck. So the spectator gives the deck a few shuffles, after which they cut it into half - they hand one half to the magician, while keeping the other half for themself.

The magician says, "Shuffle your half, if you want. Then, spread through your half face towards yourself and mentally note the card at your number. You can do this under the table to prevent me from peeking. As you do that, I will think of a card in my half."

After the spectator is done, they place their half down on the table and the magician places his half next to theirs. The magician then names his thought of card for the first time (say the 6H) and asks the spectator to name theirs (say the KD).

At this point, the magician and the spectator begin a deal - simultaneously dealing cards from their respective halves. For every card the spectator deals, they deal it face up, and for every card the magician deals, he deals it face down. Eventually, the KD turns up in the spectator's half. The magician then turns over the corresponding face down card in his half and it is the 6H. An inexplicable coincidence between the two thought of cards!

Some important conditions of note:

  • When generating the random number, the spectator has a completely free choice as to where to cut the deck. There aren't any crimped cards or long / short cards or anything of the sort to force the point at which they cut.
  • While the spectator is secretly counting the number of cards they cut off, the magician doesn't peek behind him - he only turns back around after the deck is reassembled.
  • The magician only touches the deck for the first time (since the beginning) after the spectator is finished shuffling it. And, even then, he only touches his half - he never touches the spectator's half.

Note: In addition to learning the above, in the PDF you will also learn a bonus routine which is essentially a stronger version of the routine above - it takes elements from that routine and combines them with further elements to create a powerhouse result.

1st edition 2024, PDF 9 pages.
word count: 3144 which is equivalent to 12 standard pages of text

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