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Zenneth Kok

Zenneth Kok

Zenneth Kok, is a highly successful magician who has created more than 200 original tricks, which are well-known in China. He is the first and the only sponsored Chinese magician of US Playing Card Company. He has published six sets of lecture notes in Chinese, and he is also the chief editor of the first ever Chinese Monthly Newsletter devoted to the art of close up magic -- Evocation.

In the West though, Zenneth is probably best known for a single marketed card trick, "Impossible Twist".

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Zenneth Kok
Cards You Softly by Zenneth Kok

Zenneth is a successful and innovative magician in China and is sponsored by the US Playing Card Company. His specialty is close-up and particularly cards. In these notes he is explaining some of his variations and creations.

Life is Dangerous
This is a technically easier version of Jerry Sadowitz's Prone to Live Dangerously.

Thanks to Duffie
A variation on Peter's Illusion versus Reality.

69 By Play
A visual multiple transposition of two cards.

Strange Prediction
This is a small kicker finish to Roy Walton's Strange Prediction which makes it appear that the spectator has managed to find four of a kind in addition...

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