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Zodiac KeyWords
by Peter Arcane


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Zodiac KeyWords by Peter Arcane

Long out of print - now for the first time in eFormat. Over the last 11 years Peter Arcane's Zodiac KeyWords has become a bit a cult classic. Initially limited to 50 copies its long been sought after. Well now it's been released in electronic format for the enjoyment of those that perform miracles and missed out the first time round.

Zodiac KeyWords picks up where Ray Grismer's What's my sign? drops off.

What do you do once you know their sign?

Within the pages you'll find a technique that will allow you to take those next steps and present yourself as someone who has more than an understanding of the Zodiac and Astrology.

What's been said about Zodiac KeyWords?...

"Doug Dyment gave us reason why we pluck letters from the cosmos to divine a zodiac sign, ZKW gives us the meanings that follow the reasons. A straight forward system for recalling zodiac specific info slips right into your cold reading tool belt. Now don't tell anyone else that it exists!" - Sean Boon

"Finally, a system that works. That is and does what it should do in teaching the basics of that study "astrology" and make it easy to recall and KNOW. Your simple instruction does more than most books on the subject for performers. No real student of astrology will argue your words. You will seem to know very much what you are doing, and will know, by reading this work. To think that such arcane commentary such as "fixed and mutable signs" etc. can be learned, and which signs are what, in such a brief time is incredible. Simple? Yes. Easy and quick to read? Absolutely. Worth whatever you charge for it. It will make a novice into a seeming expert virtually overnight." - Kenton Knepper

"Absolutely wonderful! Your idea is so brilliant..." - Banachek

"ZKW, I like it! As someone who has a memory like a sieve it is the sort of thing that I can and will use." - Scott Creasey

"It is an excellent concept, well thought through, with some great innovative thinking. It is the sort of system that can be combined with other like effects, but is certainly strong enough to stand on its own in many different performing situations. Many congratulations." - Roger Ferriby

1st edition 2003, 19 pages.
word count: 4015 which is equivalent to 16 standard pages of text