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Zoom by (Benny) Ben Harris

"The construction of the card is ingenious..." - Michael Close (Magic Magazine)

The famous and easy animated card that mysteriously moves away from your fingers—zooming across the table.

Examinable, before, during and after. This is one of the most devious uses of Elastic Thread ever created. Prior to releasing the idea to critical acclaim in 1999, Ben had been sitting on this for over ten years, using it privately for the most important occasions only. It is the perfect effect for Street Magic performances as it can be performed under the most stringent conditions—ANYWHERE!

As you and the card can be examined at any time, it's perfect for "controlled conditions" psychic-style presentations.

If you are familiar with Ben's previous writings, you will know that he has always insisted that the very strongest magical effects appear to violate natural law. As an example, "levitation" has always been one of the magician's most powerful effects because gravity appears to be overturned. Zoom certainly appears to violate the laws of nature. While, not a "levitation", there is a moment when the stationary object "comes to life" — something intimate shared with the genre.

Further to this, the effect appears perfectly natural and effortless at every stage of performance. The object to be animated is 100% examinable (even though it is cleverly gimmicked) and the lead-in and lead-out consist of perfectly normal actions in every way. The effect per se (between the lead-in and lead-out) looks exactly like real magic. In fact, nothing appears to be contrived at all.

  • Examinable
  • Use any card
  • Easy To Perform
  • Spectators can grab card at any time and find nothing
  • self contained
With the secret and the instructions of how to gimmick a card, you are armed to prepare as many cards as you wish.

1st edition 1999; digital edition 2009; 20 pages.
word count: 2406 which is equivalent to 9 standard pages of text