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Puzzles have engaged and entertained people for thousands of years. A really good puzzle is not too easy but also not too hard to solve, just the right amount that makes you think really hard. This is similar to building up your muscles with lifting weights. You need the right weights for maximum effect.

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Card and Conjuring Tricks and Book of Riddles by unknown
    • The Certain Guesser
    • The Disappearing coin
    • Money Makes Money
    • A Good Variation
    • The Magic Coin Box
    • Catching the Falling Pile
    • The Flexible Watch
    • Coin and Bottle Trick
    • Needle Dart
    • The Magic Double Ring
    • The Magic Ribbon
    • The Burnt Handkerchief
    • The Vanishing Ball
    • The Wand and Ring Trick
    • Swallowing the Knife
    • The Vanishing Coin
    • Telling a Selected Card
    • A Wonderful Discovery
    • The Twenty-one Card Trick
    • Naming all the Cards in the Pack
    • Forcing the Choice
    • The Chosen Card
    • Divination
    • Further Divination
    • The Seven Heap
    • Spelling the Cards
    • Changing...
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Frank Tousey
How to Solve Conundrums by Frank Tousey

Containing all the leading conundrums of the day, amusing riddles, curious catches, and witty sayings.

1st edition 1900, 60 pages; PDF 79 pages.

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After Dinner Tricks and Puzzles with your Seal Brand Coffee by unknown

A nicely produced collection of mostly puzzles, brainteasers, and some which could be performed as magic tricks. In total there are 36 problems. Solutions are provided for all of them.

1st edition 1896, 12 pages of problems, 2 pages of answers.

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Henry Ernest Dudeney
The Canterbury Puzzles by Henry Ernest Dudeney

This is a collection of many wonderful puzzles and riddles. The title stems from the fact that the first part of the book features a series of puzzles based on the characters from The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer.

    • 1. - The Reve's Puzzle
    • 2. - The Pardoner's Puzzle
    • 3. - The Miller's Puzzle
    • 4. - The Knight's Puzzle
    • 5. - The Wife of Bath's Riddles
    • 6. - The Host's Puzzle
    • 7. - The Clerk of Oxenford's Puzzle
    • 8. - The Tapiser's Puzzle
    • 9. - The Carpenter's Puzzle
    • 10. - The Puzzle of the Squire's Yeoman
    • 11. - The Nuns Puzzle
    • 12. - The Merchant's...
★★★★ $6
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John Ray
Conundrums, Riddles, Puzzles and Gags by John Ray

A vast collection of the latest and best conundrums gathered from all sources. Including four hundred riddles, questions in science, mathematical and practical puzzles, acrostics, etc.

  • Introduction
  • Conundrums
  • Aphorisms
  • Riddles
  • Biographical Riddles
  • Bible Riddles
  • Golden Texts From Shakespeare
  • Kissing Riddles
  • Questions In Science
  • Puzzles In Spelling
  • Gymnastics For The Tongue
  • Mathematical And Practical Puzzles
  • Lying Figures
  • Lame Logic
  • Musical Catechism
  • Palindromes
  • Acrostic
  • Squaring A Word
  • A Curiosity
  • A Poem By Twenty Poets
  • Playing With Puns
  • A Reading Puzzle
1st edition...
★★★★★ $10
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Stephen Ablett
Amazing Puzzles by Stephen Ablett

This is a puzzle ebook featuring numerous picture riddles and quizzes including Say-What-You-See, name the character parts and Murder Mystery Haiku Riddles.

What is a logic picture puzzle? Is it a test of higher intelligence or is it a game of skill and wits to see who's smarter; reader or the writer? This ebook will test all your senses and challenge you to constantly pay attention. If you can always think laterally, you will probably work out some of the tricks and principles that are in play.

1st edition 2015, PDF 32 pages, full color.

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Devin Knight
The Hustle by Devin Knight

A great little trick/bet you can learn in just a few minutes and you are always ready to stump someone. The effect can be done with cards, matches or coins. The twelve objects are laid out in three horizontal rows. The object of the game is that the person left with the last item to pick up loses the game. You only play this game with one person at a time. The rules are simple. The player can only take from one row at a time. Take as many as you wish from either the first, second or third row, but you cannot pick from different rows until your next turn. Either you or the spectator can start...

★★★★★ $4
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Max Ödlund
Cranium Conundrums 2 by Max Ödlund

More brain teasers ranked by difficulty and with an optional clue to get you a step closer to the solution if you need it.

This is volume 2 in Max Ödlund's series of brain teasers and logic puzzles. (Volume 1 is Cranium Conundrums.) Each of the 80 puzzles has a difficulty ranging from 1 = easy to 5 = extremely difficult. Some problems are marked ’s’ for ’silly’. Puzzles in the 1-3 or s category are generally speaking solvable in a few minutes of thinking or a bit of scribbling and drawing on a piece of paper. Should you not find the solution then each puzzle has a clue on the following page. This...

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Max Ödlund
Cranium Conundrums by Max Ödlund

Cranium Conundrums is an ebook of 66 logic puzzles with two convenient features, which are rarely found in other books of puzzles: ranked by difficulty, a clue.

Difficulty: Every puzzle comes with a difficulty measured in time. It estimates the time an average person would need to solve the puzzle. This is a great way to select which puzzles you want to work on. Of course, the difficulty measure will only be accurate on average. If you are a savvy puzzle solver you will probably find the solution faster. If this is your first book of puzzles you will probably need to schedule a bit more time...

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Mark Elsdon
Rubik Notes by Mark Elsdon

Following on from the success of his Rubik Remembered DVD, this is Mark’s brand new ebook: Rubik Notes.

The Notes contain Mark’s full solution for Rubik’s Cube (His version of the Layer Method, originally devised by Rubik-Guru David Singmaster. You can achieve solve times below one minute with this method.) and are fully colour-illustrated to make learning as direct as possible. The solution is completely self-contained and you don’t need to own the Rubik Remembered DVD or indeed anything else to learn to solve Rubik’s Cube – everything is right here in the Notes.

If however...

★★★★ $9
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Timothy Hyde
The World's Greatest Puzzles by Timothy Hyde

Timothy Hyde has been a puzzle fan all his life.

For pure enjoyment and challenge there is nothing like a great puzzle. They extend our minds, force us to look at things in different ways and provide a great stimulus for creative and innovative thought.

Timothy has been lucky that over the years he has been able to use a range of different puzzles in his own performances, keynote presentations and creative thinking workshops. He has been commissioned in the past to design specific Puzzle Challenges for many companies including KFC & Pizza Hut. He is now making 19 of his favourite puzzles...

★★★★★ $9.95
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Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products)