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21 Gems of Magic
by Ormond McGill

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21 Gems of Magic by Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill describes this publication as a "Scrapbook of Magic" which includes chapters of Card Effects, Mindreading, Miscellaneous, Thoughts on Opening and Closing, and a Magical Sensation - Walking through a Keyhole.

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  • About the Author

    A Thought About Openings

  • GEM No. 1—The Candied Bird

    Scrapbook Card Tricks

  • GEM No. 2—A Reversed Card Location
  • GEM No. 3—The Card and the Boy
  • GEM No. 4—The Card in a Mousetrap
  • GEM No. 5—The Card in the Pocket
  • GEM No. 6—The Bewitched Aces
  • GEM No. 7—The Confetti Rising Cards

    Scrapbook Mindreading

  • GEM No. 8—The Magic Clock
  • GEM No. 9—An Experiment in Telepathy
  • GEM No. 10—Two Minds With But a Single Thought
  • GEM No. 11—The Perfect Book Test
  • GEM No. 12—An Impromptu Second Sight Act
  • GEM No. 13—A Blackboard Demonstration

    Scrap Book Miscellany

  • GEM No. 14—A Clever Coin Vanish
  • GEM No. 15—A Spirit Seance
  • GEM No. 16—The Mesmerized Cane
  • GEM No. 17—A Spirit Rope Tie
  • GEM No. 18—Release-O-Ring
  • GEM No. 19—The $1000 Challenge Hoop Mystery

    A Magical Sensation

  • GEM No. 20—Walking Thru A Keyhole

    A Thought About Closings

  • GEM No. 21—A Pleasing Refreshment

1st edition 1946; PDF 32 pages.
word count: 12494 which is equivalent to 49 standard pages of text


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