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Psychic Magic
by Ormond McGill


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Psychic Magic by Ormond McGill

This ebook is an edited and slightly abridged version of material which originally appeared as "Psychic Magic" in six volumes. From the preface by Percy Abbott:

In 1937, Ormond McGill wrote a group of articles for Tops under the title of "the psychic circle." the continued respect which this series has enjoyed through the years speaks volumes for both the vitality of Mr. McGill's writing and for magicians' interest in psychic magic. And yet, such interest is but natural, for the whole art of the conjurer is based on a love of performing the impossible and knowing the unknowable, and who more than magicians can profitably avail themselves of exciting amazements. In this book you will unquestionably find much that is mystery and much that is entertaining.

From the introduction:

When the late Theodore Annemann made the statement that mental and psychic effects were the most grown-up form of magic, he spoke the truth. But while it is true that intellectually such mystery is the most mature magic, emotionally it is the most naive. And as proof, one could hardly conceive of the most innocent spectator giving credence beyond entertaining trickery to any other form of conjuring, while many have been the sophisticated who have expressed belief in psychic magic.

For there is wish-fulfillment here, an underlying hope that somewhere deep within the mind there may be some mysterious powers that will in some measure help in the mastering of the countless problems that constantly perplex in the hazardous art of living. And there's a question mark here, on one side we have the readily demonstrable "tests" of the mindreader, and on the other the laborious tests of the researcher.

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Our Psychic Powers
  • Contact Telepathy
  • Thought Discernment
  • Telepathic Card Selection
  • The Hidden Object Test
  • Improved Muscle Reading
  • Non-Contact Telepathy
  • Mental Impulses
  • Transmitting Images Of Playing Cards
  • Psychic Magic And A Deck Of Cards
  • Psychological Locations
  • Two Grabel Mysteries
  • Card Clairvoyance
  • The Cards And Slates
  • Lodge Room Mindreading
  • The Monthly Lodge Meetings
  • The Smoker
  • The Annual Convention
  • Ladies' Night At The Club
  • Secrets Of The "Casual" Mentalist
  • The Mindreading Method
  • Mentalism Moderne
  • Telepathic Drawing
  • Mindreading For School Assemblies
  • Theatrical Mindreading
  • Secrets Of The "Theatre" Mentalist
  • A Theatrical Mindreading Act
  • Answering The Questions
  • A Climactic Test
  • How To See In The Crystal
  • The Art Of Visualization
  • Crystal Seership
  • Crystal Gazing For Mentalists
  • Modern Psychometry
  • Developing The Power
  • Annemann's Pseudo-Psychometry
  • Larsen's Psychometric Presentation
  • Lecture And Readings
  • The X-Ray Eye Act
  • Staging The Act
  • A New Blindfold Method
  • A Novel Presentation
  • That Animal Magnetism Question
  • Visible Astral Radiation
  • The Human Aura
  • Distant Magnetic Force
  • Animal Magnetic Presentation
  • Let The Spirits Manifest
  • Spirit Communications
  • The Miracle Method
  • Ectoplasmic Lights
  • The Miracle Method
  • Automatic Slate Writing
  • The Miracle Method
  • Dr. Q's Gyrating Tables
  • The Miracle Method
  • The East Indian Mystery Act
  • Patter And Routine
  • Method And Presentation
  • Blood And Pulse Control
  • Black Death
  • Yogi Anesthetic
  • Hindu Introspective Presentation
  • Some Occult Amazements
  • The Brain Illusion
  • Eyes In The Dark
  • The Trap Mystery
  • Levitation Of A Bar Of Iron
  • Levitation With A Chair
  • The Presentation Of Miracle
  • Appendix
  • - The Pendulum Introduction
  • - The Pendulum In Performance

1st edition 1983, 1st digital edition 2017, PDF 115 pages
word count: 49061 which is equivalent to 196 standard pages of text