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Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill

(Palo Alto, California: 15th June 1913 - 19th October 2005)

Inspired and learned as a pre-teen from a Gilbert Mysto Magic set then at age 14-15 from the Tarbell Course. Pro since 1940 as stage hypnotist (as "Dr. Zomb" 1941-53), mentalist, illusionist. Toured a midnight spook show thru western USA and Canada c1942-52. Toured the Pacific Basin in 1955.

Wrote 21 Gems of Magic (1946, 63pp), The Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism (1947, 275pp), Psychic Magic (1951, six 25-page vols), Atomic Magic (1951, 41pp), The Mysticism and Magic of India (1977), Entertaining with Magic (1977, 231pp), Magic with Soap Bubbles (1987), Real Mental Magic (1989, 143pp), etc. Articles in Fate and New Journal of Hypnotism.

Coauthors: William W. Larsen

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William W. Larsen & Ormond McGill
Thayer's Vanish of a Girl by William W. Larsen & Ormond McGill

With this method, you can cause a girl to vanish from a nightclub floor.

When this was first introduced, Thayer claimed it was the dream of every magician. We agree. It seems impossible. Perform it on a regular nightclub floor. No stage traps, wings, flies or other conveniences that you'd find in a theater environment. That's what makes this illusion seem so utterly convincing. You even invite a committee of spectators (not stooges) to supervise and ensure that all's fair.

The girl enters a box, sitting atop a four-legged table. The box is lifted from the table and falls to the floor,...

★★★★ $6
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Ormond McGill
Psychic Magic by Ormond McGill

This ebook is an edited and slightly abridged version of material which originally appeared as "Psychic Magic" in six volumes. From the preface by Percy Abbott:

In 1937, Ormond McGill wrote a group of articles for Tops under the title of "the psychic circle." the continued respect which this series has enjoyed through the years speaks volumes for both the vitality of Mr. McGill's writing and for magicians' interest in psychic magic. And yet, such interest is but natural, for the whole art of the conjurer is based on a love of performing the impossible and knowing the unknowable, and who more than magicians...

★★★★ $25
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Ormond McGill
21 Gems of Magic by Ormond McGill

Ormond McGill describes this publication as a "Scrapbook of Magic" which includes chapters of Card Effects, Mindreading, Miscellaneous, Thoughts on Opening and Closing, and a Magical Sensation - Walking through a Keyhole.

[Note that if you own Bag-O-Trix you already have this ebook.


  • About the Author

    A Thought About Openings

  • GEM No. 1—The Candied Bird

    Scrapbook Card Tricks

  • GEM No. 2—A Reversed Card Location
  • GEM No. 3—The Card and the Boy
  • GEM No. 4—The Card in a Mousetrap
  • GEM No. 5—The Card in the Pocket
  • GEM No. 6—The Bewitched Aces
  • GEM No. 7—The Confetti Rising Cards ...
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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)