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3 Card Trick
by Stephen Tucker


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3 Card Trick by Stephen Tucker


Someone tries to find the queen amongst two jokers, but fails every time. You pocket the queen, and ask them to find the black and white joker... they fail again as... all three cards are queens!

Holding three face down jumbo(ish) sized playing cards you say, "These cards may look very large, but they aren't... it's just that I have very small hands." As you patter, you show the cards to be two jokers and... a queen.

You explain that they are to ignore the jokers and... try to follow the queen.

You now mix the three cards very quickly as you explain that you'll mix them slowly (?) so that they can keep track of the queen. You fan the cards (faces down) then hand them a coin, asking that they wager it as to which, of the three, they think is the queen.

Every time they make a wager... they lose! Sometimes they are even offered two guesses, but still fail to find the queen! This is repeated several times, then you head into your finale.

You hand them back the coin for one last wager. You even offer to make their task easier by removing the queen and pocketing it... which you do. After mixing the two face down jokers, you ask them, this time, to guess instead as to which is the black and white joker and which is the coloured joker.

They make their guesses, you flip both cards face up... showing that they are also queens and, yet again, they have lost! You pocket both cards with the other and... you are re-set!

Bonus Routine: The Diabolical...So Can I! A dice trick with cards.

1st edition 2008; 5 pages.
word count: 1782 which is equivalent to 7 standard pages of text

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