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33 Tricks with the PATEO Force
by Ken de Courcy


(1 review, 11 customer ratings) ★★★★

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33 Tricks with the PATEO Force by Ken de Courcy

Which is one of the best forces in magic? Undoubtedly the PATEO force! PATEO stand for "POINT AT TWO, ELIMINATE ONE", because that's exactly what happens.

The PATEO force is very easy to do end can be used not only with cards but with a variety of objects. It is a very strong force because the spectator seems to have very free choice. In this wonderful manuscript, Ken De Courcy give us, 33 ways to use the PATEO force. You will find card magic, mental magic, close-up magic, club magic, party magic and, yes, stage magic too. A real treasure house of good effects. You can surely find at least one effect to introduce in your shows.

Here is the list of effects

  • Black .... And Red
  • The Card In The Wallet
  • Find It Twice
  • Cash Chance
  • For Future Business
  • Boozy Do
  • Mental Coincidence
  • Flowery Force
  • Flattery
  • Traveller's Tale
  • The Show Must Go On
  • Trade Show
  • Smoker's Heaven
  • Rabbit And Hat
  • Financial Force
  • Music Mentalism
  • Star Struck
  • Psychometry
  • Consequential Murder
  • Stag Show
  • Living And Dead
  • Fortune's Favours
  • Thanks For The Help
  • Materialisation
  • Drink Up
  • Tarot
  • Marked
  • Nationalities
  • P-A-T-E-O Prediction (99% Impromptu)
  • There's A Little Yellow Idol

1st edition 1980, 18 pages.
word count: 4597 which is equivalent to 18 standard pages of text

Reviewed by Christian Fisanick (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Sunday 17 April, 2016

This is a no-brainer. Every mentalist needs to know how to do a PATEO force. You get 33 routines here, at 30 cents a routine. That's a bargain.