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Magic of the Mind
by Lewis Ganson


(7 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Magic of the Mind by Lewis Ganson

This is a wonderful collection of some of the best mental magic published in The Gen.


Section One - Predictions

  • The 100% Prediction (Punx)
  • Total Prediction (Gerald Kosky)
  • The Direct Prediction (John Rice)
  • Note and the Jar (Tom Sellers)
  • Phenomenal Forecast (Jack Cook)
  • The One-man Full-Vu Prediction (Ken De Courcy)
  • Mental Flashes (Dr. Stanley Jaks)
  • The Patient Telepath (Peter Warlock)
  • Novelty Dice Prediction (Tom Sellers)
  • Predicted From the Papers (Tom Sellers)
  • Super Forethought (Cyro)
Section Two - Book Tests
  • Unique Book Test (Harry Stanley)
  • Magazine Test (Ali Bongo)
  • Danson's Book Test (Ted Danson)
  • A Telephone Directory Test (Eric Grause)
Section Three - Alive or Dead
  • My Favorite Living and Dead Tet (Dr. Raymond L. Beebe)
  • This Person is Dead (Ken De Courcy)
  • Living or Dead? (George Armstrong)
  • Alive or Dead (Delvin)
  • Turn In Your Grave (Len Belcher)
Section Four - Mentalism With Playing Cards
  • The Second Seer (Jack Shepherd)
  • Down in the Meadow (Peter Warlock)
  • Brainwave by Telephone (Lewis Ganson)
  • You Can Tell Fortunes (Malcolm Davison)
  • Vinchento's Card Prediction (Les Vincent)
  • An Unusual Prediction (Tom Sellers)
  • Telephone Brainwave (Hans Trixer)
Section Five - Mentalism with Slates
  • Think of a City (Cyro)
  • Some Total (Len Belcher)
  • Radiopathy (Len Belcher)
Section Six - Mentalism By Numbers
  • A Pseudo Memory Feat (Tom Sellers)
  • One Ahead Number Effect (Tom Sellers)
  • Mentalism in Numbers (Corvello)
  • Discs of Diabolo (Tom Sellers)
Section Seven - Miscellaneous Mysteries
  • Lucky Bag (Gerry Findler)
  • Bag o'Locks (Henry Fetsch)
  • Caught Thoughts (Corvello)
  • Finding the Lady is Easy (Malcolm Davison)
  • Predilexo (Len Belcher)
  • Enclosed Thoughts (Len Belcher)
  • Triple Test (Frank Pots)
  • Control Board (Len Belcher)
Section Eight - Mentalism by Design
  • Precognition (Rupert Gilbert)
  • Mesmerental (Len Belcher)
  • The Spirit of the Letter (Len Belcher)
  • Mystic Signs (Gerry Findler)
  • Clip Board Substitutes (Gerry Findler)
  • More Mystic Signs (Hedly Wilcox)
  • Those Mystic Signs Again (Gerry Findler)
Section Nine - Aids for the Mentalist
  • Handling Billets (Malcolm Davison)
  • A Torn Centre Idea (Tom Sellers)
  • Spectral Writing (Harry Stanley)
  • Ghost Writing (Harry Stanley)
  • The OM. Switch Box (Harry Stanley)
  • Mentalist's Holdall (Will Dexter)
  • Colour Easel (Bert Linnell)
  • Colour Counting Frame (Fred Crowson)
  • You Can Take It With You (Len Belcher)

1st edition 1959, 1st digital edition 2015, 120 pages.
word count: 39439 which is equivalent to 157 standard pages of text


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