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45 Tricks by Ulysses Frederick Grant

This is a remarkable collection of 45 individual single sheet trick instructions, many of which are illustrated.

original 45 pages; PDF 49 pages.

  1. The Comedy Check
  2. Improved Psychic Padlock
  3. Any Card Called For Rises
  4. Jarrow Bill In Lemon
  5. Super Telephone Test
  6. Leipzig Cards Through Air
  7. Bag And Blindfold Trick
  8. Nu Ring Off String
  9. Hang-Ping-Ching Coin Trick
  10. Improved Gloves To Dove
  11. Half Dollar Through Ring
  12. The Spy Ring
  13. Head On Beer Trick
  14. Best Packing Box Escape
  15. Grant's Cut & Restored Light Wire
  16. Striking A Match On Air
  17. Leipzig Type Card Suspension
  18. Malini Card Stabbing
  19. Chinese Bowl Production
  20. Three Methods For The Ring On Wand
  21. The Magic T. Kettle
  22. New Floating Cane
  23. Grant's Card Force
  24. Grant Sponge Ball Routine
  25. Comedy Milking A Balloon
  26. Impromptu Cut & Restored Telephone Wire
  27. Grant's Double Exchange Illusion
  28. What Time Is It
  29. Spectator Rope Trick
  30. Two Girls And A Basket Of Oranges
  31. Comedy Patter On Chinese Sticks
  32. Patter For Hats And Pants
  33. Patter On Cut And Restored Rope Trick
  34. Linking Rings Without A Key Ring
  35. Comedy Doughnut Trick
  36. Omar's Deck Switch
  37. 12 Cards To Pocket
  38. Best Telephone Book Test
  39. Ring In Potato
  40. Improved Razor Blade Trick
  41. Grant's Card In Balloon
  42. The Baseball Prediction
  43. Malini Type Button Off Vest
  44. Comedy Grand Opening
  45. Graft's Ring In Sealed Box

word count: 18785 which is equivalent to 75 standard pages of text
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