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A Little Something
by Scott F. Guinn

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A Little Something by Scott F. Guinn

In this ebook you will find material that entertains and amazes, but more importantly, it is material that 'mere mortals' can actually do. Two dozen incredible routines. Cards, coins, and parlor/platform material is included.

Nothing is duplicated from Scott's other ebooks, lecture notes, or DVD--with one exception, and that has been greatly expanded and updated.

These routines bear the Guinn trademarks of clever thinking and thoughtful construction, from a man who has been called "one of our best close-up and stand-up performers" (Aldo Colombini, in The Linking Ring) and "one of the best writers in magic, hands down" (Shane Causer, in Visions, The Online Journal of Magic).

Here's what you get:

  • 14 strong, commercial card routines. Great variety!
  • 2 powerful coin routines that you can do!
  • 4 entertaining and amazing routines for parlor and platform!
And as a SPECIAL BONUS, Scott carefully explains four routines by underground legend RAY GRISMER. This is KILLER stuff that you can and will use to great response.


  • Catcher in the Rye - two selections found instantly
  • Close Enough - fun, memorable prediction effect
  • COW - Clean Oil & Water
  • Ginsberg's Folly - a unique effect that's fun to do
  • Gr-Eight - fully scripted, this is another fun routine off the beaten path
  • HAR/TAR/EAR - a routine and a utility move all wrapped up in one
  • Outtasight! - powerful mentalism
  • Red & Blue Times Two - an Elmsley idea supercharged with an instant repeat
  • Dark Mirage - a card to wallet with an unbelievable kicker
  • Bloom 'n SG2 T&R - Scott's unique take on the Torn & Restored card
  • The Key to an Emotional Reaction - a forgotten classic gets new life
  • Roughing It Triumphantly - Triumph with the Guinn touch
  • Taking It Easy at Home - repeat card to pocket was never this clean or this easy
  • Coincidental - Scott's one deck version of Tamariz' Total Coincidence with new touches
  • Glass Action Suit Dismissed - a coins to glass with some new killer moves
  • Short Flight - a two coin version of the fingertip coins across
  • Do You See Your Card? - Fun, funny, and amazing version of the Smyth Myth
  • The Recurring Card - This one always kills 'em
  • EZACAAN - Any Card at Any Number for mortals
  • Take a Chance! - Scott's Bank Night routine
  • Poker Hand Repeat - strong, amazing, and practical
  • Three-Faced - a hands-off routine where the magic happens in the participant's hands
  • HIP ESP - they'll swear you really have ESP
  • No Way! - that's what they shout when they see this one
There's "A Little Something" for everyone in this ebook.

1st edition 2008, 194 pages; 198 photos.
word count: 36343 which is equivalent to 145 standard pages of text