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A Magician's Swan Song
by Will Goldston

#3 Illusions, Escape & Stage author
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A Magician's Swan Song by Will Goldston

An autobiographical history of magic, profusely illustrated with diagrams of magic tricks and photographs of Goldston's career.

From the foreword by J. C. Cannell:

The exposures he makes range from the most spectacular and elaborate illusions to the smallest pocket trick. His book, indeed, is the alpha and omega of magic. He conceals nothing, hides no secrets.

The careful researches which I had to make in order to tell the public exactly how Houdini achieved his escapes and performed illusions which seemed like miracles, led me to think that I had exhausted all the resources of magic. But, after reading the proofs of this fascinating book, I realized how much I had not known.

  • Foreword
  • CHAPTER I: The History Of Magic Ancient Magic
  • CHAPTER II: The History Of Magic Medieval Magic
  • CHAPTER III: The History Of Magic Modern Magic
    • A Defence Of Conduct
    • Magic And Magicians
  • CHAPTER IV: Some Specimens Of Modern Magic
  • CHAPTER V: Eastern Magic
  • CHAPTER VI: Mind-Reading Magic
  • CHAPTER VII: Some Famous Illusions
  • CHAPTER VIII: More Famous Illusions
  • CHAPTER IX: Tricks Of Escape
  • CHAPTER X: The Flotsam And Jetsam Of Magic
  • CHAPTER XI: Optical Illusions
  • CHAPTER XII: My Own Tricks
  • CHAPTER XIII: Tricks Of Bogus Mediums
  • CHAPTER XIV: Some Experiments In Ghost Hunting
  • Chapter XV: A Miscellany Of Magic Performed By Famous Illusionists
    • The Cut And Restored Treasury Note
    • Sherwood's Coin And Chocolate Box
    • Wet Paint
    • A Trick With Giant Cards
    • A Stage "Spirit" Cabinet
    • Bertram's Trick With A Shilling And A Copy Of "Tit-Bits"
    • The Devil's Mirror
    • Another Four Ace Trick
    • Nested Envelopes And Restored Card Trick
    • Stanley Collins's Magnetic Aces
    • The "Esscee" Nap Hand Deal
    • The Chung Ling Soo Slate Trick
    • A New Spirit Hand
    • The Return Of Diogenes
    • Owen Clark's Thought Transmission
    • Professor Hoffmann's Four Aces Trick - Modern Versions
    • Bautier De Kolta's Three Coins Trick
    • A Good Thought-Reading Trick
    • The Travelling Handkerchief
    • Card Production Extraordinary
    • Wine And Water
    • The Swing Of The Pendulum
  • Chapter XVI: Magical Furniture
  • Chapter XVII: Seven Lessons In Magic For The Beginner
    • Lesson One
    • Lesson Two
    • Lesson Three
    • Lesson Four
    • Lesson Five
    • Lesson Six
    • Lesson Seven

1st edition 1934, 288 pages; PDF 202 pages.
word count: 91146 which is equivalent to 364 standard pages of text