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Stanley Collins

Stanley Collins

(Rotherhithe, London, England: 31st August 1881 - 22nd May 1966)

Inspired around age 20 seeing Prof. Willis do the Conus Aces and immediately learned from Sach's Sleight of Hand. Pro since 1916 when he played St. George's Hall. A non-smoker and non-drinker, he despised his audiences. Retired in 1939.

Invented the Jumping Rubber Band (1911), Collins Count (1912), Collins Four Aces (1912), Penetrating Card (1915), and Nic's Napkins (by 1928).

Wrote Original Magical Creations (1914, 111pp), Deceptive Conceptions in Magic (1920, 112pp), Collins' Card Conceits [1925], A Conjuring Mélange (1947, 256pp), and a chapter in Bobo's Modern Coin Magic (1952). As "S. Wynne Burne" wrote Anthology of Love Poems (1929), a rare forcing book. Other poetry force-books as "S. Martin" and "S. Frank Harris". Also wrote as "Bold Pincher". Articles in Magician Monthly, Magazine of Magic, Sphinx, Linking Ring, Collectors Annual, Pentagram, and Magic Cauldron.

Biographer is Thomas A. Sawyer, Stanley Collins: Society Entertainer & Magic Collector (1984). See Thomas A. Sawyer, Men of Letters: Stanley Collins and Trevor H. Hall (1991, c70pp).


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Original Magical Creations by Stanley CollinsFrom the Foreword:
Magicians who are seeking that evanescent "something new" which, like the Family Ghost, is very often talked about but seldom seen, will, I venture to prophesy, find "something new" in Original Magical Creations.

In penning this volume my aim has been twofold. In the first place, I have set out to describe in detail the methods by which certain experiments originated by myself are performed, and secondly my endeavour has been to teach how to perform them, which is a totally different proposition.

To carry out this plan in its entirety, the inclusion of the covering...

2018 / 9 / 29
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Collins's Card Conceits by Stanley Collins & Paul GordonStanley Collins was one of the finest card magic creators ever, and Collins's Card Conceits was his finest hour.
  • The "T-Square" Colour Change
  • The Comedy of Errors
  • "Jumbo" Comedy of Errors
  • All Fours
  • A.J.A.X. 2
  • A.J.A.X. 3
  • Red and Blue
  • Pictures and Pips
  • A Card Comedy
  • The Homing Aces
  • Cards and Cords
  • Card, Crayon and Cross-words

1st edition 1925, reprint 2007, 1st digital edition 2014, 50 pages.

2014 / 2 / 4
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