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Secrets of Famous Illusionists
by Will Goldston


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Secrets of Famous Illusionists by Will Goldston
  • Foreword
  • Chapter I The Truth About Chung Ling Soo
  • Chapter II The Romantic Story Of Carl Hertz
  • Chapter III The Great Lafayette - The Most Hated Magician
  • Chapter IV Maskelyne And The Psycho Sensation
  • Chapter V Houdini As I Knew Him
  • Chapter VI Did Houdini Fail?
  • Chapter VII Some More New Facts About Houdini
  • Chapter VII De Kolta's "Vanishing Lady" Secret
  • Chapter IX The Truth About The Indian Rope Trick
  • Chapter X Tricks Of Bogus Mediums
  • Chapter XI Why I Am A Spiritualist
  • Chapter XII Mediums I Have Sat With
  • Chapter XIII Magic And Crime
  • Chapter XIV The Great Kellar
  • Chapter XV Howard Thurston's Rise To Riches
  • Chapter XVI The Zancigs And Their Brilliant Thought-Reading Code
  • Chapter XVII How Zomah Delayed A Murder
  • Chapter XVIII David Devant - Master Magician
  • Chapter XIX A King Of Modern Conjurers
  • Chapter XX A Medley Of Magicians
  • Chapter XXI My Magical Life
  • Chapter XXII "The Man Who Made Ice Famous"
  • Chapter XXIII An Undertaker's Interruption
  • Chapter XXIV The Prince Who Stabbed His Partner
  • Chapter XXV Ceeley And The Naked Lady
  • Chapter XXVI Dante's "Disappearing Lady"
  • Chapter XXVII The Handcuffed Clergyman - An Escape That Went Wrong
  • Chapter XXVIII A Conjurer's Rapid Courtship
  • Chapter XXIX Muller The Mystic
  • Chapter XXX Dilemma Of A Parliamentary Magician
  • Chapter XXXI The Cornells And Their Ghastly Publicity Stunt
  • Chapter XXXII Wishart And The Corpse
  • Chapter XXXIII The Tragedy Of Hanco
  • Chapter XXXIV The £ S. D. Of Magic
  • Chapter XXXV Miscellaneous Magic
1st edition 1933, 285 pages; PDF 217 pages.
word count: 82197 which is equivalent to 328 standard pages of text