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A Whirlwind of Wizardry
by Chris van Bern & Alex De Vega

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A Whirlwind of Wizardry by Chris van Bern & Alex De Vega

From the Introduction:

Remember that the average act, which can be acquired by anyone without much practice, is seen on the Halls so often that one becomes absolutely bored with it. They are known in the profession as “Penny a bunch Acts.” Now with a little application, you can stand apart from this bunch, and be a specialist, so this book is offered in the sincere hope that you will be able to glean an act from it, and we tell you to do so in all confidence, as the material is original, and has seldom, if ever, been used in public.

  • "From Nothing to Nothing"
  • "DISSOLVO" A Novel Coin Sleight
  • The "Klean" Vanish
  • "The Magnetized Coins"
  • Chris Van Bern's "Six Coin Trick"
  • The Extraction Pass
  • The Colour Changing Candle
  • The Latest Bird Cage Mystery
  • The "Simplex" Hankerchief Production
  • Cards: The "Beat All" Bottom Force
  • The "Free Choice" Force
  • "Something Strange"
  • "The Stunner"
  • The "Timil" Card Trick
  • The "Red Demon" Card Mystery
  • Twelve Novel Manipulations
  • Chris Van Bern's "Pearl Mystery" Card Trick
  • The Egg and Handkerchief Mystery
  • The Butterfly
  • The "Tunnel" Colour Change
  • A Novel Changer, Vanisher or Loader
  • A Lesson in Magic - and Some Eggs
  • An Unique Thimble Sleight
  • An "Ink-red-u-lous" Trick
  • The Drawing-pin Mystery
  • "The Waiter's Dream"
  • Chris Van Bern 16 Card Trick
  • The Brass Card Box
  • The Mysterious Light
  • The Affinity of Color
1st edition 1919, 86 pages; PDF 72 pages.
word count: 26168 which is equivalent to 104 standard pages of text