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Selected Secrets
by Alex De Vega

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Selected Secrets by Alex De Vega

From the Foreword:

In selecting these Secrets, I have endeavoured to interest the Fraternity at large. Whether you are a manipulator, impromptu or spectacular worker I trust you will find herein some secret that will add to your reputation as a magician.

The secrets are chosen from over 300 which I classified when writing The Whirlwind of Wizardry and while many are not complete tricks or effects in themselves they are just what adds that little extra touch of smartness to an act, or that little effect to fill up a break.

  • Foreword
  • That Broken Match
  • Self Igniting Dove Pan
  • Knotted Changing Silks
  • Splinters: The Vanishing Ball
  • The Vanishing Cigarette
  • Silk And Rose
  • The Duplex Handkerchief Casket
  • Cigarette To Flower
  • The Simplex Pigeon Production
  • Cigarette And Match
  • Silk From Candle
  • The Sketch Materialiser
  • Four Aces And: ---!!!
  • A Bubble Blowing Secret
  • Wine And Water Supreme!
  • The Vernon Bank Note Trick
  • Flash Paper Secrets
    • Dark Flash Paper
    • Brilliant Flash Paper
    • Explosive Flash Paper
    • Coloured Flash Paper
  • The Mechanical Devil's Whisper
  • The Devil's Whisper
  • Cabinet Of Wonders
1st edition 1926, 27 pages; PDF 30 pages
word count: 7450 which is equivalent to 29 standard pages of text