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Act 1 by Michael P. Lair
  • Jack-In-The-Box: A playing card is selected by a spectator and ripped into four pieces. The pieces are paper clipped and set on top of a jack-in-the-box. The handle is turned, the familiar tune played, and the clown pops up. When he does, the selected card appears fully restored in the clown's hands.
  • Silver Fire: When the magician lights a cigarette lighter, a half dollar appears. Light it again, and the coin vanishes. Light the lighter a third time, and the half-dollar reappears from within a cigar tube.
  • Les Fleurs: A bouquet of flowers magically appears in the magician's top hat. With a wave of the hand over the pocket handkerchief, it turns into a second bouquet of flowers! "Les Fleurs" is a colorful and exciting opener.
  • Invisimax: When the lighter is lit, a jumbo silver coin appears in the right hand. The coin is gently squeezed, and it disappears, only to magically reappear in the left hand.
  • 1:4: A jumbo silver coin magically appears in the right hand, when the magician strikes a lighter. The coin is briefly covered by the left hand. When the hands are opened, the jumbo coin has transformed into four half dollars.
  • Billiard Finale: Two billiard balls are in the magician's left hand. One mysteriously jumps to the right hand! One is then placed aside. A lighter is lit, and when its flame touches the remaining billiard ball, a tall, red candle magically appears lit.
  • Red Silver Black: When a piece of paper is lit, it magically transforms into a red ball. The ball then changes into a red scarf. Two jumbo silver coins appear from within the scarf. When the coins are set aside, a black Chinese fan appears in a shower of confetti.
  • Candle Rewind: A tall, red candle is lit. When the flame is extinguished, it vanishes into a seemingly endless red streamer, which cascades to the floor.

1st edition 1992, PDF 32 pages.
word count: 3770 which is equivalent to 15 standard pages of text