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Act 2 by Michael P. Lair
  • Safety Catch
  • Candle To Streamers: An 18” lit, white candle changes into a brilliant burst of white paper throw streamers.
  • Candle To Sword: An 18” white candle is lit. In a shower of sparks, it magically changes into a 36” gleaming Chinese sword.
  • Candle To Fan: An 18” white candle vanishes in a sparkle of light, turning into a 24” Chinese dragon fan that dramatically opens in a shower of confetti.
  • Invisiclip
  • Invisiclip: Torn & Restored Card: A playing card is selected and ripped into four pieces. The pieces are paper clipped together. A magical wave of the hand, and the pieces mysteriously restore themselves when the card is removed and unfolded from the paper clip.
  • Invisiclip: Paper To Silk: A 6” X 6” piece of red paper is folded into fourths and paper clipped. When unfolded, the paper has magically transformed into a 6” X 6” red silk scarf.
  • Auto - Light Match: A match is removed from a matchbox and struck against the striking paper a few times, when the matchbox accidentally falls to the floor. The magician, spotting the matchbox on the floor, concentrates on the match until it lights automatically.
  • Fired Up! A playing card is selected by a spectator and replaced in the deck, which is then shuffled thoroughly. Three cards are removed by the magician and displayed on the table. Three match packs are placed in front of the cards. The spectator is told to concentrate on the selected card. Suddenly, one match pack bursts into flames. The cards are turned around, revealing the one behind the burnt matches to be the chosen card.
  • Sponge Poker: A red sponge ball is placed in a silver dollar-sized, plastic coin case. When it is heated with a butane lighter and shaken out, it magically transforms into a red poker chip, which can then be given away as a souvenir.
  • Standup Rubber Balls In The Box: Four yellow rubber balls are shown in a wine glass. A 4” X 7” X 4” plastic box frame (without top and bottom) is placed beside the wine glass on the table. One by one, the four balls are removed from the glass and vanished. When the box frame is lifted, the four yellow balls are found inside.

1st edition 1995, PDF 29 pages.
word count: 5376 which is equivalent to 21 standard pages of text