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Affinity: Cold Reading's 3rd Way
by Paul Voodini


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Affinity: Cold Reading's 3rd Way by Paul Voodini

The very soul of cold reading and what it means to be truly psychic. A guide for mind-readers, mentalists, and psychic entertainers.

Affinity is a new way of looking at readings that takes the positive elements from both the esoteric world and the cold reading/mentalism world and molds them together into something new - a 3rd Way.

Being a mentalist and a magician who spent a large portion of his formative years believing in the esoteric and the paranormal, Paul Voodini has always carried with him elements from that world and these elements have often seeped (and in some cases crashed) into Paul's mentalism work. As an individual, Paul cannot disentangle himself from the esoteric, but also cannot unlearn all that mentalism has taught him. Therefore both camps must (and do) sit happily within him, augmenting each other, in a spirit of mutual benefit.

This then is Affinity: The 3rd Way - a technique for providing readings that encompasses the positive elements from both the esoteric and the mental while sifting out the negatives that both camps also possess.

The 77 page Affinity PDF goes beyond cold reading and beyond the purely esoteric. It is a technique that has been crafted after decades of real world work at venues as varied as psychic fairs, wedding receptions, and magic shows.

Affinity builds upon Paul's previous work, from Reader of Minds through to the Cathy Shadows output, but it is a stand-alone piece and prior knowledge of Paul's work is by no means essential. Likewise, Affinity is all inclusive and is aimed both at the beginner and the experienced reader.

1st edition 2014, 77 pages.
word count: 11002 which is equivalent to 44 standard pages of text