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Aldo on Trost Volume 14
by Aldo Colombini

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Aldo on Trost Volume 14 by Aldo Colombini

The Great Card Magic of Nick Trost continues.


  • SELECTED GEMINI: Mates to two selected cards are located by the spectators themselves.
  • ROYAL ASSEMBLY: A section of a deck is cut by a spectator and dealt into four piles. The top card of each pile is a King and the bottom card is a Queen.
  • DISCOVERY BY ELIMINATION: One card is selected in a very fair manner. A spectator cuts a portion of the deck and these cards are eliminated until one remains: It is the selected card.
  • ROYAL REVEALMENT: You find a selected card and on the way, a Royal Flush in Spades.
  • EIGHT-CARD SPELLER: A thought-of card in a packet of eight finds itself after three questions are asked and the answers spelled according to the spectator’s true or false answers.
  • FOUR DICE AND TWO MATES: Using four dice and a deck of cards you make a prediction and, of course, it turns out to be right.
  • DOUBLE CROSS: Four Jokers with ordinary backs are shown. Two by two, all the Jokers are now marked on their backs with big crosses on each corner.
  • BLANK WILD CARD: A wild card routine with no sleights. You show six blank cards and one Ace. One by one all the blank cards become Aces. At the end, you can show the cards front and back.
  • MISTAKES WILL HAPPEN!: A nice opening effect or a quickie during any part of a card routine. A revelation of a selection with a surprise ending.
  • THE CARD BETWEEN CARDBOARDS: A selected card appears between two pieces of cardboard that are bound together with rubber bands.

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