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Sorcar: Maharajah of Magic by All-India-Magic-Circle

This is a celebration of Sorcar's success as a magician. Several authors, reviewers, and commentators write about Sorcar and his performances. This is followed by cartoons by Alias and photos depicting Sorcar in various places.

  • Preface
  • John Booth - Sorcar: Greatest Illusionist in Indian History
  • Arthur Leroy - It Can't Be Done
  • Krishan H. Gandhi - Sorcar: The Master Magician
  • Gasho Ishikawa - Sorcar In Japan
  • Goodliffe - Sorcar: The World's Greatest Magician
  • Burns Scandrett - Sorcar in Australia and New Zealand
  • Jay and Frances Marshall - He Really is the World's Greatest Magician
  • Ronald Murray Shanik - The Great Sorcar:...
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