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Amusing Yourself with Paper and String
by Paul Bruton

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Amusing Yourself with Paper and String by Paul Bruton

This is an ebook that will not only amuse you, but it will show you how you can amuse your friends. In dozens of ways, it describes how paper and string can be put to interesting and sometimes astonishing use. If you start at page 1 and work your way to the end of the ebook, you will be rewarded by many hours of enjoyable recreation: but you will not be entirely satisfied until you have tried some of the tricks and puzzles on your friends.

  • a Penny Puzzle
  • The Paper Ladder
  • The Palm Tree
  • A Point About A Circle
  • The New Square
  • The Five Squares Again
  • Quartering Three-Quarters
  • Splitting Up A Hexagon
  • Jumping Through A Bus Ticket
  • Boiling Water In A Paper Bag
  • A Newspaper Trick
  • Thought Transference
  • Looping The Loop
  • Separating The Seven Circles
  • All The Way Round
  • Sign Please
  • The Newspaper And The Ruler
  • Hoops
  • Fireproof Paper
  • The Kipper Race
  • The Wind Wheel
  • Paper Tearing Act
  • A Circular Tour
  • Silhouettes
  • A Catch
  • The Smith Romance
  • Paper Decorations
  • Paper Hats
  • The Electrified Paper
  • The Dancers
  • Knotting The String
  • Another Knot
  • Cutting The String
  • The Drawing Competition
  • Release
  • A Handcuff Trick
  • A Borrowed Sixpence
  • Sixteen Dots
  • Jig-Saw
  • The Flicker
  • Easy To Make
  • Making A Rectangle
  • Cut Up
  • Making Faces
  • The Magic String
  • The Bangle And The String
  • The Buttonhole Illusion
  • Knots That Are Not
  • Hard On Your Shins
  • A Practical Glider

1st edition 1950, PDF 46 pages.
word count: 13917 which is equivalent to 55 standard pages of text

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