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Arnold Furst

Arnold Furst

(Chicago, Illinois: 21st June 1918 – Los Angeles: 22nd February 2002)

Stage name of Arnold Furstenberg (since 1939). First interested in magic in 1928. Pro comedy magic and hypnosis since 1939, first with school shows in Los Angeles 1939-42, thence into vaude and night club work, touring world with USO 1943-46 and in USA with a full-evening show 1948-54. World tour manager for Ormond McGill 1955-56. Instructor at the Hypnotherapy, Hypnotism and Psychological Institute of Tokyo, Japan, 1963-72. A teacher of Chuck Vincent, etc. A Mason, he was an officer of the Invisible Lodge.

Invented Fresh Fish (1938). Wrote Famous Magicians of the World (1957); Magic for Monsters (1960, 56pp; repr as Kid Stuff, V.6); Mightier Than the Bullet (1961, 66pp), 2nd ed as How to Get Publicity in Newspapers [and] Other Media (1975, 95pp); and Great Magic Shows (1968). Program reviews in Genii. Also wrote 4 books on hypnosis 1959-82, beginning with Case Studies in Hypnotherapy (1959, 163pp, with Lester T. Kashiwa, MD).

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Arnold Furst
Magic for Monsters by Arnold Furst

A classic of routines and advice for working with what some call "the little monsters" (children); now updated for the modern performer. Here's a book for all magicians; whether you specialize in giving kid shows or just want a few new routines that are time tested by this seasoned entertainer. The seventeen tricks are described in complete detail and with every word of patter, including several original comedy routines that offer the maximum in entertainment value and audience response with a minimum of preparation or investment.

The book stresses the psychology and presentation necessary...

★★★★★ $10
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Arnold Furst
Hypnosis for Salesmen by Arnold Furst

... a must for every salesman who wishes to succeed in a "hard-sell" field.

  • How to make the customer buy compulsively
  • How to develop a sincere selling personality
  • Correlating the selling arts with hypnosis
  • How you may find your true capabilities
  • Learn by simple step-by-step methods
  • How to establish a feeling of rapport
  • The importance of making every sale
  • The power of positive suggestion
  • Leaving the buyer with no choice
  • How to use "motivation buying"
  • Overcoming bad habits
Why Was This Book Written?

Two reasons:

  1. To help you become a better salesman.
  2. To instruct you regarding...
★★★★ $10
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Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 products)